Thursday 1 September 2022

Audio review: My imaginary Mary


By: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows

Narrated by: Morag Sims

Series: The Lady Janies, Book 4

Length: 13 hrs and 15 mins

Release date: 08-02-22

Publisher: HarperAudio

Paranormal Ya historical fiction / to review

Well this was weird. Like Ada and Mary was not really the same age. Mary hung out with Byron. But then again this book is a whole lot of weird.

Ada and Mary are fae. They have magical powers. Ada is of course a mathematical genius, who builds an AI, Mary uses her imagination to create.

This book is not about Ada and Mary in what truly happens. It is a magical crazy time. The narrator is truly in it too, like she is narrating right now somewhat that happened then. Lots of modern jokes and musings.

So much happens. Ada and Mary is quite the pair. And PAN, well it realy weaves it all together. ALso Shelley was an asshat.

The narration was the best part. She made it really fun, the book was a perfect fit for audio. Made to be

Mary may have inherited the brilliant mind of her late mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, but she lives a drab life above her father’s bookstore, waiting for an extraordinary idea that’ll inspire a work worthy of her parentage—and impress her rakishly handsome (and super-secret) beau, Percy Shelley.

Ada Lovelace knows a thing or two about superstar parents, what with her dad being Lord Byron, the most famous poet on Earth. But her passions lie far beyond the arts—in mechanical engineering, to be exact. Alas, no matter how precise Ada’s calculations, there’s always a man willing to claim her ingenious ideas as his own.

Pan, a.k.a. Practical Automaton Number One, is Ada's greatest idea yet: a machine that will change the world, if only she can figure out how to make him truly autonomous . . . or how to make him work at all.

When fate connects our two masterminds, Mary and Ada learn that they are fae—magical people with the ability to make whatever they imagine become real. But when their dream team results in a living, breathing, thinking PAN, Mary and Ada find themselves hunted by a mad scientist who won't stop until he finds out how they made a real boy out of spare parts.


  1. I'm so confused... This is the fourth book? What is really going on?

    1. Guess so...I only know of a previous one about Mary Boleyn

  2. I thought about this one, but then passed. It does sound a little odd.


  3. Wow this sounds like it might be a bit confusing

  4. I think that I have the first book in this series somewhere.

  5. I was hoping Mary would be a wonderful character. Us Mary's have to stick together. lol



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