Monday 24 July 2023

Carole's Monday: At last


Author: Kimolisa Mings
Title: At Last
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Novella, Short Story
Format: ebook
Pages: 45
Published: September 13, 2022
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Can mangoes and pineapples cure a broken heart?

That's what Connie hopes to find out when she drags Marcus out of his funk and to the pineapple/mango festival. But the last thing she expected was for them to run into his ex.

After a narrow escape, the two friends spend the rest of the outing on a secluded beach and now they can't escape their true feelings for each other.

In taking a chance, Connie might be the one to make his heart whole, but the last thing she wants to be is Marcus's rebound.

Another freebie! I am def cleaning up my Amazon shelf from all the freebies I have been grabbing. 

Here we follow Connie and Marcus. The two have been friends for a while and when Marcus finds himself in a funk, Connie has to do something. She decides the answer is taking him out and about. Maybe the Pineapple/Mango Festival is the key! However, the last thing she expects is for them to run into his ex. In an attempt to escape, they find a secluded beach and soon all feelings will be on the table. 

This was a perfect summer short. Fun characters, a fun location, and no real drama. Connie does get worried that she will just be Marcus's rebound, but you can tell he had some feelings so her worry is for naught. 

My only issue for this one is that I wanted more backstory for these two. I would've liked to see them interact more as just friends. I think that would've beefed up the feeling for the reader of "FINALLY!" 

But besides that, this was quick and sweet. You see how much they love each other. A nice poolside read for sure. 

I'll give this 4 stars. I just loved Connie and Marcus so much. Plus I loved that there wasn't too much drama for them. 

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