Friday 12 December 2014

Romance Friday: Historical and Xmas

Only Victoria knows that Saber Lawrence is a renegade prince plotting to seize control of his country. But when Saber kidnaps Victoria to ensure her silence and vanquish her reserve, he finds that the proper English governess is not so easily seduced, unless Saber's willing to surrender something of his own-his heart.

My thoughts:
Ahh like good old times, a made up country somewhere in Europe. And this country had origins from Attila the Hun so strange customs too. Oh those weird countries in Europe ;)

Right, girl meets boy, shares a kiss. Then a few years later they meet again. Saber, the prince from a strange country in southern Europe. He was raised by his English father (who was a jerk). She is a proper governess.

We have seduction, rebellion (as he needs to take back his country from evil Frenchmen who took over long ago). Getting to know this made-up country and well, seduction ;)

A nice romance.

"Look at me, I am strong and this weird woman is rubbing herself against me."

Paperback, 400 pages
Published April 5th 2011 by Penguin
Governess Brides #9
Historical romance

A delicious selection of romantic short stories with sumptuous recipes to match, from the Choc Lit authors.

My thoughts:
Raspberries by Janet Lovering
Nice story. A woman bakes, gets postcards and talks to the mailman. And becomes happy.

Incense and insensibility by Juliet Archer
A modern Lady de Bourgh meets the new vicar. Nice

The Gift by Margaret James
A meeting on a train can turn into more.

Fixed penalty notice by Henriette Gyland
A bully story with a good twist

Touch wood by Christine Stovell
Not for me.

Angel cake by Liz Harris
A cute story about a mistake

Sweet beginnings by Christina Courtenay
The making of a dessert with a romantic twist

Knowing by Sarah Tranter
Cute story about love meant to be.

Sowing the Seeds by Amanda James
I was not moved at first, but it won me over.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fridge by Linda Mitchelmore
A couple talk. happy.
The Dessert by Kate Johnson
Too short, no time to get into it.
Are Diamonds Forever? by Sue Moorcroft
A bit confused. I guess I did not pay attention.

Hot Chocolate for Two by Kathryn Freeman 
No idea what this one was about. That is the prob with short stories. If they fail to pull you in it's over.

Sweet Memory by Janet Gover 
Bittersweet :/
Mulled Wine and Cupcakes by Laura E James 
He just broke up with someone so I do not feel this new HEA have a chance.

Four-Year Itch by Beverley Eikli 
A woman messing up her life, silly you!

Fallen From Grace by Berni Stevens 
Cute angel story.

Devils and Heroes by Alison May 

Operation Mike – Zana Bell 
A couple trying out kama sutra. HA.

A Different Kind of Music – Angela Britnell 
All these recipes have made me too hungry to think!

Just Add Milk – Rhoda Baxter 
Too short.

Gut Instinct – Jules Wake
I did not see that one coming! 

Some good, some forgettable, some ok. You know, the same old same old with anthologies. They all differ. Some manage to put in a good story in a short way. Some do not manage.

It was an xmas (sort of) anthology so that was fun. But they were not overly xmassy. Some did not even mention when it took place. But a nice read for December.

Kindle Edition
Published September 4th 2012 by Choc Lit
Romantic fiction


  1. Ha ha look at me some strange woman rubbing up against me. I totally agree, the cover is a turn off. Yep anthologies are like that hit or miss. I am not a fan of them usually.

  2. 1) hahaha he does certainly look angry. However, I would love to read this. I love when they make up countries. Tis fun.
    2) So much romance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'd love a map of every made up country in Europe ;)

  3. The anthology sounds decent. However, you totally had me spitting on my comp with your description of Taken By the Prince! LOL!!

  4. ROFL on the cover comment. So true!

  5. The seduction and rebellion sounds nice to read

  6. "Look at me, I am strong and this weird woman is rubbing herself against me." BUAAHHHHH!!

  7. LOL at your cover interpretation!

  8. I used to love reading Christina Dodd's books. I should go back to them. LOL about your cover comment.

  9. Awesome! I do need romance in my reading life

  10. Sounds a bit different from the usual England based historical romance. Love your cover interpretation.

  11. haha! honestly, though, I see more "she's rubbing weirdly on me idk why she's probably having some weird dream but i'll break you if wake her up" going on. :D

  12. These both sound good and I loved your mini reviews on Chocolate are funny

  13. That are a lot of short stories in one book. I prefer the four-in-one size myself.

    1. Yes and that is why some were just too short

  14. Oh, poor prince. I do hope he got his country back from the Frenchmen. Loved your review!

  15. These sound like nice romances! Anthologies are always hit or miss for me, and this sounds like it has the same mixed bag, but I like that it's holidayish without slamming you over the head with it.

    1. I do not think I have ever read an anthology that was awesome, there are always some good, some not so good



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