Wednesday 11 March 2020

Audio: Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas

Narrated by: Mary Jane Wells
Series: The Ravenels, Book 6
Length: 8 hrs and 58 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 02-18-20
Language: English
Publisher: HarperAudio
Historical romance
In exchange for an honest review

The narrator was great. She is perfect for his rom. Her voices are great and she made me fall into this world and I did not want to leave.

Well this was cute! I did like that they talked a lot, I actually believed that they fell for each other, and not just fell in love in a night. Or fell in love in a week when they had not even talked. Nope, they talk.

Severin, omg, did I actually read somewhere that she described him as a socipath...ok. Well, I mean he is weird. Not in contact with his feelings, he is logical, smart, ruthless. He is not lovable. Why did I then like him? Mostly cos he liked Cassandra. He fell for her, he then avoided her because damn it, feelings! Feelings are evil. He doesn't want feelings.

Did I like the plot with the kid? I mean in a way, in another way not, it was like trying to make him human.

Cassandra then, she was a sweet whirlwind who wanted a loving husband, a home in the country and peace. I liked her at once.

So, yes she wants one thing, he wants another thing. They are not made to be.

The drama there is was good. Sometimes it just feels silly you know, but here it makes sense. 

I liked it :) What more can I say.

I have forgotten to talk about covers, and this one is pretty. But that is not Cassandra, she is just more

Railway magnate Tom Severin is wealthy and powerful enough to satisfy any desire as soon as it arises. Anything - or anyone - is his for the asking. It should be simple to find the perfect wife - and from his first glimpse of Lady Cassandra Ravenel, he’s determined to have her. But the beautiful and quick-witted Cassandra is equally determined to marry for love - the one thing he can’t give.

Everything except her....

Severin is the most compelling and attractive man Cassandra has ever met, even if his heart is frozen. But she has no interest in living in the fast-paced world of a ruthless man who always plays to win.

When a newfound enemy nearly destroys Cassandra’s reputation, Severin seizes the opportunity he’s been waiting for. As always, he gets what he wants - or does he? There’s one lesson Tom Severin has yet to learn from his new bride:

Never underestimate a Ravenel.

The chase for Cassandra’s hand may be over. But the chase for her heart has only just begun....


  1. I am looking forward to reading this.

  2. I saw another good review about this one

  3. I’ll have to check out this author at some point. Sounds like something I might enjoy.

  4. Nice, a romance where they couple actually talk and feel like their love is real, that's special. It shouldn't be that rare in romance fiction, but it's a bit sad that these days it is!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I know right, actually speaking, omg, mind blowing

  5. Okay while its a little all over the place I think you have convinced me to take more of a look at this one. The narrator is not one I have heard so that would be interesting.

  6. As you know, I can't do the audio thing because I fall asleep, but it sounds like you really enjoyed this one. I used to read Kleypas quite a bit back in the day, and she's really good. I like the cover too. Hugs, RO

    1. I have been so tired lately too and falling asleep more often when listening

  7. Okay... that was a whirlwind review! I've not read this author yet. I need to give her a try.

  8. Gotta love when the drama feels a touch silly ;)

  9. I can't wait to listen to this one. It's up next! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)



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