Friday 27 March 2020

Audio: For the Sake of a Scottish Rake by Anna Bradley

Narrated by: Antony Ferguson
Series: Besotted Scots Series, Book 3
Length: 10 hrs and 30 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 02-28-20
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Historical romance
In exchange for an honest review

Slaps them both. Oh ye fools of little faith!

Lucy wants to live after having spent her life in one place. She also has an idiot for an uncle, and a nice cousin.

Kieran has his own troubles. I did read some of the previous books, but I can't really remember why they fled Scotland. Oh well I do not need too, all I know is that he left someone behind who had hurt him.

They meet, they become reluctant friends, cos men and women can be friends! They get the hots for each other, but do nothing cos they are idiots. Are ye blind and stupid!

Then there is the plot with her enormous dowry and her uncle wanting to marry her off. There I lost a bit of trust for her, Kieran is a good man, stop fighting that. Your uncle is a psycho! Think woman!

Suddenly in the plot there were 2 other love stories too, and at those times I feel cheated cos I can't see how it happened and I always feel they deserve their own story.

I did like it, but I also wanted to slap some sense into them. Lucy went a bit too far in her thinking at times, Kieran I can forgive cos he fell for her.

I do like Anthony as the narrator. I have listened to a ton of Scottish romances with him so I do like her Scottish accent ;) he does them well and make them fun listening too. Sadly there were only one Scot, I know, heartbreaking

After a sheltered upbringing, Lady Lucinda Sutcliffe is finally embarking on her first season, eager to experience everything she's missed. When Lucy realizes that her uncle plans to quickly marry her off in exchange for a slice of her fortune, she begs a favor of a new acquaintance, Ciaran Ramsey. 

If Lucy remains single until she turns 21, she - and her money - will be out of her uncle's power. All the charming Scot needs to do is woo her for six weeks, and then jilt her...

The Ramseys don't need the scandal of a false engagement attached to their name. But Lucy's older suitor is both distasteful and dangerous, and Ciaran can't allow his lovely friend to be forced to marry such a man. And besides, the more time Ciaran spends with his new "betrothed," the more their ruse begins to feel very much like the real thing. 

Passion like this is impossible to feign, but how much is a rogue willing to risk for love?


  1. It looks like a good romance

  2. OMG I so love your reviews Blodeuedd :)
    that's quite the dress on the cover

    1. Awww thank you!!

      Not very Time appropriate ;)

  3. Wow, they both sound like a couple of nitwits! And I always chuckle whenever I see romances with rakes because we all know those relationships only work in fiction :P

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Though I most say he is not much of a rake, he danced only with wallflowers, he avoids matchmakers, he sounds like a decent guy lol

  4. This sounds like a fun budding romance. Do you feel it would be better to start the series, or can this be read as a standalone?

    1. Eh, it is historical romance. I have never read those in order ;)

  5. This sounds enjoyable. I do understand the desire to slap a character or two every once in a while :)

    1. There is nothing like slapping them in my head, lol

  6. Your reviews are always fun. I sometimes want to slap the characters in my books too.

  7. Oh, some fictional characters really make me want to slap them, too! Good to hear you enjoyed the narration. I do so love a good accent. :)



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