Saturday 26 December 2020

Movie Night: Christmas with a View

This month Carole and I are reviewing, Christmas with a View. 

I am  in red and Carole in green.

Title:  Christmas with a View

Genre: Drama, Romance 
Running Time: 1h 31min 
Rating: PG
Released: 2018

Secret aspirations between a failed restaurateur and a celebrity chef threaten their blossoming Christmas romance.



It was some time ago, and this movie wasn't exactly memorable, but I will do my best.

Agreed. I feel like we delayed this one bc of the holidays and this was not as good as some other of the xmas movies we have watched. 

I was rather meh, I am trying to recall bad or good things now but it leaves me rather….blank.

It did not inspire xmas joy and xmas love for sure. I was sooooo bored, if I am to be frank. The actors were boring. The story was meh and 100% unbelievable. Like at the end how he found that ornament. Like...okay bro. 

It was still better than this other xmas movie I saw that felt so non romance. It is still two people that meet, fall for each other cos they are both hot. Oh oh, gotta save some old inn. And yes random ornament that gave nothing to the story for me

Yes this wasn’t the worst xmas movie, but it for sure didn’t inspire any good feelings for me. LOL. I kept mocking the slow sexy scenes with the food while he was cooking. Those scenes were so crazy. It felt like they didn’t have enough content so they just had to show the food. WHICH it did all look yummmy, but still...cheesy to another level. 

Ha, like in other movies when they just go out and watch the snow or something for ages, here they cooked. I have seen better movies, but for background noise it is totally fine. You can miss 10 minutes and not having missed anything crucial.

OMG right? At least the food looked good and kept making me hungry. I feel like I ate a lot during this movie. From boredom and from all the sexy cooking scenes. At least make him take his shirt off too while he cooks. Hahahahahaha. 

LOL. Ugh, hair in the kitchen! Haha, why not :D It would have made it more interesting. Also, nah whatever, the movie had plotholes, I have watched every xmas movie in netflix it seems by now

You do love those xmas movies ;) Me too but I have not watched as many. I just watched all three of the xmas prince trilogy AGAIN. LOL twice in like 2 weeks. Those are the best. This just fell flat for me. Maybe if the acting was better? They felt bored and didn’t really want to be there. LOL I did enjoy Bonnie and Clive. Maybe they should have their own movie. They made me laugh and Clive was HAWT. A total weirdo...but hawt. 

I liked Bonnie, and Clive! Weirdos :)
But you are on to something, chemistry is obvi so important. The Xmas prince, omg, those are so cute together. Here, eh, did they really fance the pants of each other or not? Also it felt like they brought in her mum  just to give her a movie credit. She did not need to be there either, actually I would rather have seen her find love,

They were adorbs and I want more of them. Sighs. Ya the mom didn’t add anything. Again...more filler and give her a movie credit. She really didn’t have a role. She wasn’t comic relief. She wasn’t the wise old mum. She was just...there to brag about herself and ask the cook BF to get her references lollll. Boring. And yessss it would’ve been fun seeing her find love. 

Yes, she was rather snobby about her things so she would inherit some little cabin (as they always do), go there, and there is some hunky woodsman and they fall in love and she realises that everything does not need to be perfect.

Ooooooo I am liking that idea!! Teach her the simple things in life are much better than her being in some dumb magazine and all her expensive decorations and clothing. Love it. 

That would have been better. Alas, sadly not. But they can’t all be winners or even fun, or good, some are ok, and I am fine with that.

Makes us appreciate the really good the Xmas prince trilogy *cough*. And like you said earlier...a good background noise while you read or do chores lol. You won’t miss much. 

Why oh why did they not give is Xmas Prince 4! You effing bastards! OMG, Xmas Prince 30 years later, the Heir marries, ohhhhhhh. Gimme everything

Would that mean we have to watch 30 years tho???? Or just until the kid is like 18 or something LOLLLL. I want movie 4 asap!

Movie 4 is about another kid, another scandal, movie 5 fast forward 30 years, or so. Movie 6 the other kid finds love. Repeat repeat

A dynasty of movies! LOL Follow the whole family line. OOOOOO they could give us a “prequel” too. The old king and queen meeting and falling in love. *gasps* MORE NETFLIX GIMME MORE!!!

Yes! And some like medieval version too, and a 1800s version ;)

Who do we call at Netflix to make this happen dammit?! LOL. 
Hehehe gotta love how this slowly turned into talking about one of the best xmas romance netflix movies ;) 

So, watch Xmas prince instead is our final verdict

100000000%. That is much better. Heck Princess Switch is better too. Skip this one unless you want background noise to fall asleep to. 

The end :D

The end! :D


  1. My mom is obsessed with these kinds of movies, so I've naturally seen so many of them. While they aren't my go to preference, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without watching. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Before nothing was showed here but now, well yes tradition

  2. Sounds sweet, but maybe a bit too cliched and that's why it was kinda cheesy and boring.

  3. I have to say I go into all these Hallmark type movies with such hope only to be disappointed. Like 98% of the time. Can't they make something that's not sappy, not unbelievable, where the characters have some chemistry? How is that so hard?

    1. But I like sappy and unbelievable, but I do need chemistry

  4. Aw bummer it wasn't better, but at least it was a good background movie. :)

  5. I am 100% behind more Christmas Prince movies! That over the Switched ones. lol.

  6. I don't think I saw this one

  7. Sheesh. I didn't even watch a single Christmas movie in December. Fail.



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