Friday 3 September 2021

Audio: When you wish upon a Duke by Charis Michaels

Narrated by: Morag Sims

Series: Awakened by a Kiss, Book 2

Length: 11 hrs and 43 mins

Release date: 08-24-21

Publisher: HarperAudio

Historical romance

To review

Something was just not right. And I can't put my finger on it.

Jason needs someone to help him get his cousin out of trouble. The more we learn, the more I do not understand why this would be Miss Tinker. Makes no sense really.

Anyway Jason is  former military, a reluctant Duke, and quite nice.

Isobel tries to be respectable, she is an expert travel agent (this too seems weird when we learn how.) Not sure I ever learned to know her.

At one time they are running from danger and decides to do it---so weird.

Some good things, like the end when they got back. but the boring talk about going to Iceland, and going there fell short for me. I just could not connect and yup dunno why.

The narrator did do a good job, but not all things can be saved

After a childhood spent cavorting around Europe with a dangerous crowd, Miss Isobel Tinker has parlayed her experience and language skills into a safe, reliable life. Working as a clerk in Mayfair’s Everland Travel Shop, she dreams of someday owning her own travel agency and has vowed never to leave the familiar shores of England ever again. When a handsome duke arrives at her doorstep, she realizes her staid existence is about to take flight.

Jason “North” Beckett, the Duke of Northumberland, desperately needs a travel guide. He’s inherited a dukedom but has a final mission for the Foreign Office—rescuing his wayward cousin from Nordic pirates. Isobel Tinker is the ideal translator, discreet and unknown, but she’s also uncooperative, stubborn, and disarmingly beautiful.


  1. Bummer. It's tough when you can't connect to anything or anyone.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. Some books are just "off" like that. My first thought though, is what is up with that cover? Where are they, Candyland? LOL

    1. LOL, that cover is pretty! But yeah, I think it is Iceland? LOL

  3. Yeah, the blurb sounds exciting, but if it felt weird and things didn't always make sense that would be a tough read.

  4. Sorry to hear it wasn't as good as you had hoped.

  5. But he's a DUKE! How could the story go so badly?! *sighs*

  6. Gah I feel like its worse when you can't pinpoint what really didn't work for you.

  7. That's too bad you couldn't connect with this one. Hopefully the next one is better,



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