Wednesday 20 September 2023

Audio: Lord Dashwood missed out by Tessa Dare

By: Tessa Dare

Narrated by: Eva Kaminsky

Series: Spindle Cove, Book 4.5

Length: 2 hrs and 59 mins

Release date: 12-08-15

Publisher: HarperAudio

From romance

A novella, perfect and short!

Nora is on her way to Spindle Cove. Then she meets the man she write a paper on, and one that a lot of people read. Enter, bad weather and thrown together for the night.

It takes place during 24 hours so it is a short one. They will fall in lust, love and have some drama and then live happily ever after.

Short and nice. Saw some familiar faces

Good narration

Miss Elinora Browning grew up yearning for the handsome, intelligent lord-next-door…but he left England without a word of farewell. One night, inspired by a bit too much sherry, Nora poured out her heartbreak on paper. Lord Dashwood Missed Out was a love letter to every young lady who’d been overlooked by gentlemen—and an instant bestseller. Now she’s on her way to speak in Spindle Cove when snowy weather delays her coach. She’s forced to wait out the storm with the worst possible companion: Lord Dashwood himself.

And he finally seems to have noticed her.

George Travers, Lord Dashwood, has traveled the globe as a cartographer. He returned to England with the goal of marrying and creating an heir—only to find his reputation shredded by an audacious, vexingly attractive bluestocking and her poison pen. Lord Dashwood Missed Out, his arse. Since Nora Browning seems to believe he overlooked the passion of a lifetime, Dash challenges her to prove it.

She has one night.


  1. Oh I think I did read this one

  2. Bad weather is good for that :)::)

    1. Snowed in, rained in, stormed in, excellent

  3. What a hoot! Their situation does sound fun. I like these shorter ones now and then.

    1. Audio shorts are so nice and especially when you need something fast

  4. I can't believe that I still haven't read Tessa Dare.

  5. Yep you're definitely on a roll with her books!

    1. So many! Trying to read all those I have missed

  6. Yes, yes... between you and Carole, I get the message... Read Dare!



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