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Review: The voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS Lewis

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS Lewis
Book 5

Age: 9-12
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 288

Lucy and Edmund gets to go back to Narnia, and with them they have their annoying cousin Edmund who can't stop complaining. They suddenly find themselves on the ship Dawn Treader. Prince Caspian have left Narnia to go and search for 7 knights who left long ago. On this journey they will meet dragons, utter darkness, sea people and slave traders. It's a new adventure.

I was with my boyfriend at his parents over the weekend. I had two books with me and to my horror I realised that both was so not for me. What to do, I had this urge to read so I looked trough the house for something fast and easy to read, something I could finish there. This is what I found, and I have actually never read a Narnia book.

This is just going to be a short review. Some thoughts here and there. The book was really short and I finished it in now time, such an easy read and it was ok. Little too simple though for me, I am getting old. I have watched some miniseries long ago, and of course the two movies. The first one was ok, and the second cool, dark. This one, well it has an annoying brat, and the two kids that I least cared for in the movies. I did not care for that. Some exiting things happened, and all in all it was ok I guess.

But there was the end, I know that Lewis has a lot of Christianity in these books, but I didn't see that in the movies (ok, but hello, fantasy, we can pretend whatever we want.) This one had such an obvious end that it felt like preaching, if the use that in the movie, no, I will not like that. It destroyed it for me. There is a reason why I don't like people fall into other worlds books. They take their baggage with them. I want a world where anything is possible, a new world, with new ideas. Not something from this world. It actually made me not want to watch the movie when it comes out cos I know it will annoy me. He could have hidden it a bit more, and made us look, or made those who didn't get it don't see it.The fantasy lost it's appeal.


  1. I haven't read any of the Narnia books, but I've seen the movies. I fell asleep during the second movie, but that might have just been me being tired.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. I've never read any of the Narnia books. My sister has been trying for years to peer pressure me into reading both the Narnia books and the Harry Potter books. I just caved a few days ago and read a Harry Potter book, so I'm sure she'll be trying to get me to read the Narnia books soon.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. I thought you had read all five then. I have only ever managed to read the first two. They are very religion based, though as a child I never noticed.

  4. Anna,
    Lol, really, asleep. Guess you felt like I at Harry Potter. I liked the 2nd one cos of the action, yes a sucker for those things.

    I would say, read all the Potter books. They are more interesting. And if there is some time over read a Narnia book, they are sure much shorter than Potter. Mine was like 200 pages (dunno why is says that many pages on Amazon).

    Scrap girl,
    Nope, never have, and honestly never will. I guess you don't notice that as a child but now as a grown up you see it at once. And it was weird

  5. Hey Hon..

    I have never read narnia books and I agree with you at a certain age you kinda lose the feel for the kiddies book...

    If i do try a YA book it definately has to be of the darker form....

    next time - don't leave home without a good book to read...


  6. Hey B:

    I love, love the Narnia stories. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I've read them many a time over the years!!


  7. Hi EH
    Good advice, I will keep to that. What was I thinking leaving with 2 unknown books. Well at least I can now say that I have actually read a Narnia book.

    This is so light, those I read last week were so lovely and dark.

    Hi Lea,
    Now I too have read one :D
    Only took me 26 years. And I call myself a fantasy addict, shame on me

  8. I loved the Narnia books when I was a kid. I haven't read them as an adult. It would be interesting to see how I feel about them now. I might just have to reread them to see, but yes, they've probably lost some of their magic with age.

  9. Hi lori,
    I wished I had read them back then when I didn't go into analyze mode. Then there would have been magic, now it was sadly lost at times

  10. I love all things Narnia and had thought I'd read them all, now I'll have to look this one up!

    Dottie :)

  11. Dottie,
    Typical me to start in the middle, lol. But well the only one they got and I do know the other stories


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