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Review: Dead until Dark - Charlaine Harris

Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Book 1

Genre: Paranormal romance mystery perhaps
Pages: 292
Published: 2001

Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out....

Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't such a bright idea.

A fun, fast, funny, and wonderfully intriguing blend of vampire and mystery that's hard to put down, and should not be missed.
(fantastic fiction)

Hm, could not find a real long blurb, and no time to write one. I am really stressed, and my mind wanders. Started school again, and it's hectic, and I am so nervous cos have to plan 3 lessons of my own and have them in front of a bunch of kids who every year has the same nervous inexperienced teachers to look forward to....., and I have no idea what to do. I so envy those that have previous experience, of course they will do better. Well at least there is only 2 more crazy weeks, with no time to read, and then some weeks in the fall, and then a really crazy spring where I fear for my blogging days.

Ok, short review, I mean everyone has surely read these books anyway so why make it long. I really disliked the tv-series, too much sex, and no plot. Oh and everyone was ugly, at least I thought so. I am afraid it ruined the book a bit for me. I kept thinking of what happened in season 1 and how everyone looked. The book was so much better than the tvshow, an actual plot that I could follow instead of the filled out sex. Of course the book had sex, which was great, loved that first scene, they sure didn't do that in Twilight, lol. The book just felt more real, and I liked the storyline, I even found myself liking Eric (as long as I didn't think of Skarsgård).

I will read the next two books I have because I want to know. It's a good series, but could have been better for me if I hadn't watched that show. I know people love it, but it felt like The Tudors and Rome for me, just sex for the sake of having it. Nothing fun about that.

Still a good book, that kept me reading, I did not want to stop even if I kind of knew the plot.


  1. I have to agree about TV and books... always ruins it. The Tudors is HORRIBLE. I watched about 20 minutes of an episode and Henry had sex with 2 women and was working on a 3rd. Hello, Henry was not that amorous. He had more wives than mistresses. Gah! And the fact that they took his 2 sisters (Queen of Scotland and Queen of France) and turned them into one sister, who they made Queen of Portugal????? I was disgusted.

    There's my tirade ;) I may try reading the Charlaine Harris books some day, as I liked Twilight, but I'll have to be caught up on my reading first.

    Good luck on your classes/presentation!

  2. Hi Blodeuedd,
    I have read Dead Untill Dark too but it couldn't captivate me and decided to quit the series, I just didn't get the characters, their humor or interaction. I'm not even inclined to see the tv show and I will be baffled if the dutch networks will air it in the comming tv season.

  3. I watched 2 episodes of True Blood and was not impressed. That's why I reluctant to read the books. But Tai enjoyed the first one so we'll read the series.

  4. I am so glad I didn't watch the series now. I loved the first book and I wouldn't want anything to put me off the books.

  5. Arleigh,
    I watched that first ep of Tudors, and when it started with a sex scene I kind of new what direction they wanted it to have. And i watched no more than that.

    I did not know that, why make 2 sisters into one and then make her queen of Portugal, does that even make sense?!

    Harris is sure nothing like Twilight, there are some weird vamps in there. But they are readable.

    I am so glad I am not the only one. Well it did captivate me somewhat but I didn't love it. it was ok, like a lot of others books I have read. As for the show, in honest it gives vamps a bad name, the whole show is dirty (not talking about sex here, about the filming) and I expected more from it.

    The show sucked. the books were ok, so you could try them and see what you think

    Lol, stick to the books then, in case you would end up like me

  6. B,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I have read the whole series and love them. I enjoy Ms. Harris' writing style and her wit.

    As for the show - I like it as well and look forward to each new episode. However, I will admit that the show has a great deal more sex than the books - but it's HBO so I figured that was going to happen.

    This second season has even more sex in it and I'm not talking about meaningful sex either. They have added a character that is not even in the books and to be honest it is just plain unpleasant. I wonder what Ms. Harris thinks about it.

    But the books are wonderful and I hope you will continue on with them - Sookie winds up in some situations that just make me shake my head in wonder. LOL


  7. Hi Michelle,
    I should have known it with HBO, and really, more is that even possible. All I remember was a lot of different people having sex each ep. I don't think I am missing anything then.

    Also did not like the storyline with her best friend, I liked that it wasn't in the book. They do seem to change a lot.

    I will continue, I even find myself liking Sam who i didn't like in the show, oh and perhaps Eric ;)

  8. LOL - everybody was ugly. Oh that makes me laugh.

    I like the books, and LOVE the tv show.

    Good luck with all your class stuff!

  9. I haven't started these yet but I should be ok. I haven't seen the show. It's on digital cable here and we don't have it. Too much tv watching anyway, we don't need the extra channels. lol.

  10. I really loved this series. I thought it was great light entertainment. I listened to all 9 books on audio and cleaned my house, was much more exciting LOL.

  11. PS: Good luck with the classes!

  12. Glad you enjoyed the book B!

    Sorry to hear about the stress though, that sucks. At least you can predict when the peak periods are. Hang in there!!

    Glad you enjoyed the read. I have it in the stacks, I actually won it in a contest Cecile held and Ms. Moonlight loves, loves this series.

    Cecile loves it too.

    You take care.


  13. Hey Blodeuedd!!!
    I am sorry you are struggling with this book. I read this series before I became a blogger. But I do love the series. However, I am at wits with book 8. It was a great book, but it left me feeling stale. To many inter plots going on. Which is great, don't get me wrong, because there is some many other things that Sookie can explore, but still. And do not even get me started with the tv show. I have not watched (I do not have HBO) and I do not want to see it. Now, there are those that will rave about it, so I will not rain on their show. But I rather the books. Eric is sexy and OMG Quinn is a hottie in my mind!! But I am from Louisiana... Keep that in mind!!! And we do not talk like that, lol!!!
    SO, I have mixed emotions about this one.
    I hope you enjoy the next two better my friend!
    I hope you have a great morning and a wonderul day!!!

  14. I read the first book and enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the first season of True Blood. Yes, it did have a lot of sex, but I too figured it was HBO. Unfortunately, I no longer get HBO so I haven't seen season 2 year. I do intend to finish the series of books, though.

  15. they sure didn't do that in Twilight, lol.

    Made me laugh!!! Loved your thoughts on this book!!! I really enjoyed it too and can't wait to read the rest. I haven't watched the show yet and not sure if I will until AFTER I've read all of the books!!

  16. Mandi,
    I do seem to have a particular taste in men, lol. And I don't go for the blondes, i usually change those to black hair in my head ;)

    My bf has a lot of extra channels, still yesterday nothing to watch on any of them. So yup who needs them.

    Hm audio would have been fun, but I do need a great narrator then. Listening to The Graveyard book at the moment and he is great :)
    Oh and thanks :)

    I am happy you like it. Too bad the show wasn't for me, but the book is ok, I hope the others are even better cos i do know what has happened so far

    Hehe thanks! Yes wait after since they change a lot

  17. Cecile,
    Aye I am bad, dissing the show. It just didn't capture me, if I had read the books first I would not have liked it at all. I realized that i would never want to see JRWards books on the screen, in books the scenes are hot, but on tv or in a movie, too much. What a tv prude I am.

    Ok will look out for book 8, then again the library just had 3 so can take a while to get more. But they were fun, well the first one, so don't get me wrong. it's just I like to imagine things for myself before reading. The only movie better than books in all my life was LOTR, and that is blasphemy to say but I feel it.

    The stress has kind of gone and left a sense of dread. I will know on Wed when my lessons will be, and omg to plan them then in one night. Then I will be stressed.

    Must continue on the rest of the books soon

  18. I agree with Cecile - it's a great series up until the last two or three. I still read the most recent one in something like 8 hours but there's something not quite... right about it.

    Haven't seen the show but I loved what Lifetime TV did with Huff's vampire series, Blood Ties.

    Anyway, good luck with the classes and try to relax. You'll do just fine.


  19. I LOVE the True Blood series on HBO! And I LOVE me some Bill!

    xoxo AMY (park-avenue princess)

  20. Hi Blodeuedd!

    I read the entire series before HBO decided to make it into a series.

    The series is so different from the books, the only real thing they have in common are the character.

    Hope you try the Harper Connelly Series.

    Dottie :)

  21. Glad to see you enjoyed Dead until Dark enough to read next two books. This is one of my favorite series. I don't think the show's cast reflect what the book characters look like, glad you could get past that. But I love watching the show, especially since it varies so much from the books.

  22. I haven't read the books or watched the show. I've been wondering what the fuss is all about. The book does sound interesting though.

    Good luck with school. I'm sure it'll all turn out fine.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  23. Cj,
    Hm, I wonder what is up with those last books then, perhaps the books have gone on forever. There can usually be a bump in the road then

    Hi Amy,
    Like the name :)
    I do wish Bill did it for me, lol. But I sure like Sam now after reading the books

    I do like the books enough to read and I will like them more when I don't know what happens.

    I can understand that, it sure varies a lot. Fingers crossed for the library buying in the rest soon enough.

    I sure did too. Everyone went on about them, and then they just were there in the library so had to take them

    Thanks :)

  24. So this is what you've been up to : D
    I have never heard of or seen the series. Living in the states and having no cable and no satellite - as well as spending most of my time trying to catch up on the mountain of reading that I need to do- I am clueless BUT I do luv the name Sookie Stackhouse : D

    Hope school goes well : D

    Merry Weather

  25. This book sounds fun. I am laughing about your comment about the Tudors and Rome. Very apt. :-)

  26. Bev,
    Yes crazy busy with school, that starts before everyone else's school.
    She does have a funny name.

    Lol, they do bring that out in me. Funny thing, in class today I saw that someone else had the book, she must have gotten it at once when I brought it in. Someone else who found it as a surprise nice :)

  27. I see you gave this book three stars on Good Reads, I felt about the same way.

    But I strongly disagree that the cast in the series are ugly, lots of pretty girls and handsome boys. I'll take Skarsgård if you don't want him LOL.

  28. First of, congrats on starting teaching again, I used to teach when I was still in Poland but when I came to U.S. I never took it up again. I know you're stressed but I am sure you are doing fine.
    I have joined the challenge for Sookie but have yet to read any of the books. I only started watching the show but somehow I stopped after first episode. I figured, 'Let me read the books first'.

  29. Ladybug,
    Yup 3 stars, nothing more, nothing less.
    Oh didn't mean ugly, Anna, Alex and the rest are good looking, but you know, not my taste...well I mean the boys lol. You can have Skarsgård ;)

    I am learning the ropes, 1 year of studies and practice to get those credentials.
    Perhaps I will watch the show one day, but books first

  30. I didn't like the show either, so don't feel bad. I am going to check out the books someday though.

  31. Jenny,
    Nice to hear, thanks :D

  32. I have all the episodes recorded but not watch them -as I wanted to watch them when I have a full day to do it..

    I agree with you - all the main characters are ugly - can't see the draw.. but that's just me..

    Hope things have settled down a bit now with school...


  33. EH,
    One more crazy week and then I haven't got a single thing to do before late November, rather silly, but it's cos I have taken the first courses 2 years ago.

    Hm perhaps if I was into blondes I could like Eric, but then again he is Swedish and I have seen him in a bunch of movies ever since he started making them



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