Saturday 15 October 2011

Review: Born of Tyranny: Port of Errors - Steve V.Cypert

Series: Born of Tyranny #1
Genre: Historical fiction/adventure
Pages: 249
Published: May 2011
Review by Lis

Black-Hearted is the most feared pirate on the Eastern Atlantic seas. Captain Daniel Stirvin is the most revered and courageous captain in the Queen's Royal Navy. As Black-Hearted and Captain Stirvin get closer to the inevitable battle that will leave only one man standing, a past is uncovered that will leave both men regretting the unseen outcome. With love, brotherhood, loyalty and betrayal, Port of Errors is an epic adventure that doesn't stop moving.

Ahoy, me mateys!! Set yourself down for a tale of friendship, betrayal, heroicy…and pirates. Yes, I said pirates! Don’t we love them all? When B. send this request over, I just couldn’t refuse. 

Port of Errors is the first book in the Born of Tyranny series. It’s the story of Davey and Joseph, two friends who are thicker than thieves and closer than brothers. They strike up a friendship when they meet as young boys in an orphanage. Tragedy soon strikes and they are separated. For Davey and Joseph, however, it’s not out of sight, out of mind. As they grow up, they never forgot about each other. They grow very different from each other, though, and face very different challenges. 

Joseph is adopted and renamed Daniel. He grows up to become a Captain in the Navey. Davey isn’t so lucky and he becomes the dreaded pirate Black hearted, feared by all. 

Can you guess where this is going? I bet you can, and it’s a very good read because of it. Even if it complex with the multitude of characters and flashbacks in the story. Especially so because when the orphans were sold off, many names were changed. So you have to keep your focus with this story. However, it didn’t bother me as it was nicely done. 

It did put in question as to the audience of this story. According to Smashwords its intended audience are young adult readers, but reading Port of Error I found it to be more for either advanced readers or adult readers. It could be both, but there is a lot of violence in the story as well that made me question it. Then again, I was 14 when I started reading adult Vietnam war fiction. Sometimes books will attract the right audience. 

Both Davey and Joseph are likable characters. They are well thought out and have a solid place in the story. Many of the other characters lacked this, depending on their role in the story. Some just made a short appearance while others were recurring. They are fillers as well as part of the story, but they aren’t rounded.

I enjoyed reading this pirate story, but there was one thing that bothered me immensely and that were the spelling and grammatical errors. There were quite a few and it made me doubt if this book was edited or spell proofed. In theory is story is an awesome read, but so many errors put a bit of strain on the story. It made it sloppy. 

All in all, I can really recommend Port of Errors and I look forward to the next book! 


Note from B:
Here it finally is, my flash fiction for this week! And to make up for not posting last week I did my best to be my dark sunny self ;) You will see


  1. I do not like clerical errors in my reads... it tends to put me off :(

  2. I like that cover! The pirate story sounds good but the spelling errors would annoy me.

  3. Ack, errors...they can ruin a book. Overall I am in, thanks for a great review Lis, ahoy!

  4. I don't really like the cover of this one. You might want to try The Sea Witch by Helen Hollick.

  5. Thanks for the review Lis :D

  6. As always, I love your enthusiasm but this is not for me.

  7. I read this one a while back. I'm afraid I didn't like it as much as you did but I totally agree that it is for older readers.

  8. I think I'd have to be in a mood for a pirate story, but it doesn't sound too bad. Thanks for the review.

    @Blodeuedd... LOL Love the HEA... LOL So perfect for the season!

  9. Hi,

    It sounds as if the title is about right for this book 'Port Of Errors', if there are as many grammatical and spelling mistakes as you say.

    To my mind, there seems to be so many new authors appearing on the scene just now and some of the quality of the writing is just not up to par.

    Self-publishing and e-publishing are really opening up pportunities for the aspiring writer, but I would say to them all; please,please, make sure that you employ some form of editorial control over your work before you publish, otherwise the experience for the reader is not a very enjoyable one.

    Great cover though and I am glad that you at least enjoyed the concept of the story.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  10. Melissa
    Hehe, I am glad you like my HEA, I made it especially for you

  11. I agree with most of you, a book filled with typos, really throws me out of the story.
    Those authors could have hired me to spellproof their book ...

  12. With the many errors that you noticed, then the title of the book is certainly quite apt :)

  13. Cherry
    Same here :/

    I must say that I am sure that it would bother me too

    So very true

    Mrs Q
    I read those ;)

    She is sure good at that :D

    Maybe not the book for everyone

    I agree with what you have to say. Sure there can be mistakes in edited books too but in all these selfpubbed books there do seem to be more

    Would have been nice to earn some money


  14. I love that cover!! Creepy draws me right in! lol

  15. Karen
    Lol, creepy can be good



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