Friday 10 April 2015

Author Interview and Giveaway: Debbie Flint

Today I interview Debbie Flint, and there is a giveaway of her new book :)

1. Who is Debbie Flint?
Mother, TV presenter, author, blogger, dog lover (three labradors – Grey Dog, Fat Dog and Escape Dog,) adventure seeker, lover of the countryside and peace and calm, meditator, geek, archaeology lover, film buff, bad cook (Debbie Does Dinner is this year’s project); reluctant gardener, sister, daughter, auntie to 16, singleton (tragic!), health conscious 80% of the time, problem-solver, copious-shoes-owner, tea and coffee drinker (my only vice,) spa-goer (when I can,) QVC host (so I know a bit about a huge number of topics and there’s a product that will solve most problems!), Diy’er (a bit), lover of turquoise (you should see my lounge!) tenant of a Grade II listed Victorian cottage surrounded by fields on three sides and a gastro-pub on the fourth, Dorking resident, history buff, wannabe-cruise-passenger (went on first one last year with mum!), and dark chocolate lover! 

2. Tell me a bit about your new book, Take a chance on me...
Investor is playboy billionaire, used to his own way, won’t mix business and pleasure; meets curvy, feisty single mother of two who is on a man-ban, but needs and investor and fast – they have 30 days to seal the deal, from Monaco in a luxury yacht, to Hawaii on a private plane... and stay out of trouble and out of love. Lust, does, however, play quite a big part! It’s a ’tastefully spicy’ romance, with some quite hot scenes!

3. Introduce us to Sadie.
The one who is fed up of being taken for granted and down trodden by her Ex. Her business hangs in the balance. Enters a competition and wins a trip of a lifetime where she is offered a business deal but she can’t do it alone. Enter Mac. 

4. And now to Mac :)
Ahhhh Mac. Think Daniel Craig in shorts on the deck of a luxury Superyacht, getting confused with a deckhand, but goes along with it to see where it will take him. Loves extreme sports, but when Sadie comes along his world gets a jolt of recognition that it may be time for a change...

5. What made you write this book?
A workshop during a ’How to Write a Mills and Boon’ course in Tuscany. The exercise we did formed the basis for the first ’meet-cute’ – the scene where Sadie sees Mac on the deck of a ship. I continued it as I loved the idea of the ’too hot to handle’ business relationship, especially when a mistaken one-night stand looms on the horizon.

6. And are you writing anything at the moment?
Always! Lots of blogs – Read it Write it Sell it is about novel writing and the publishing industry; Back to You is my well-being blog with lots of advice about weight loss (’Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0’ is my semi-autobiographical weight loss book) and my QVC blog is out every Friday. You can access them all via my website The next novel is also in the offing. Although I’m working on a script idea with a friend at the moment, based on an idea set a hundred years ago. The next romance will probably be an expansion of a short story called ’Battle of the Exes’ which is about a reality show where a former Regency actress chooses a new man from amongst her ex partners and finds out if the winner did it for her hand or just the suitcase full of cash...


1 e-copy of Take a chance on me

1. Open to everyone
2. Ends April 18th
3. Comment and you are in
(please leave a away to contact you if I can't find it in your profile)

Blurb for Take a Chance on Me
You know what they say about mixing business with pleasure … 
When the breakdown of her marriage leaves Sadie Turner a single mum, she vows that she will make it on her own. After all, why would a smart businesswoman with a PhD and the prospect of a life-changing deal on the horizon need a man?
But Sadie’s man-ban is tested to the limit when she travels to Monaco to meet her potential investor. There she encounters Mac, a rough and ready playboy billionaire who lives life in the fast lane – and that’s when the real adventure starts!
  But Sadie’s heart isn’t the only thing on the line. There’s also the business she’s worked so hard to make a success; the business that could so easily slip out of her grasp if she doesn’t seal the deal within thirty days …

  Previously self-published as Hawaiian Affair. Revised and edited by Choc Lit March 2015.

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  1. Gotta love those playboy billionaires and the women who get them all flustered!

  2. Would love to win, sounds like a fun read x

  3. Debbie is a woman of many talents... I am still snickering over Debbie Does Dinner. Fun post!

  4. Lovely interview!!!! COunt me in


  5. Loved the interview thank you.


  6. You got me hooked with Craig... ;)

  7. Sounds good! Thanks for the lovely interview ladies :)

  8. This one sounds positively yummy. I really liked the interview too... And the single-mom situation - different. Different is good. Have a great weekend, Linda <3

  9. Nice interview! Not entering the giveaway as I already have a copy and I can tell you it is quite enjoyable. Loved loved the banter between Mac and Sadie!

  10. I think I'm going to like Mac! :-)

  11. Oh My God, I need this book - NOW!! I hope I will have luck in your conquest :D
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