Thursday 21 April 2016

Eagle in Exile - Alan Smale

In AD 1218, Praetor Gaius Marcellinus is tasked with conquering North America and turning it into a Roman province. But outside the walls of the great city of Cahokia, his legion is destroyed outright; Marcellinus is the only one spared. In the months and years that follow, Marcellinus comes to see North America as his home and the Cahokians as his kin. He vows to defend these proud people from any threat, Roman or Native.

After successfully repelling an invasion by the fearsome Iroqua tribes, Marcellinus realizes that a weak and fractured North America won’t stand a chance against the returning Roman army. Worse, rival factions from within threaten to tear Cahokia apart just when it needs to be most united and strong. Marcellinus is determined to save the civilization that has come to mean more to him than the empire he once served. But to survive the swords of Roma, he first must avert another Iroqua attack and bring the Cahokia together. Only with the hearts and souls of a nation at his back can Marcellinus hope to know triumph.

My thoughts:
Alternate history, Rome never fell, Rome sure conquered. Rome is a machine. Rome is scary. And now Rome wants America. But as we saw in the last book the 33th Legion was destroyed by the Cahokians. And Gaius, well he brought new things to the people he came to like.

But Rome does not give up that easy.
And then there are the Iroque that are at war with Cahokia.
And then there is the thing we learn at the end, ohhh, intrigues. I can not say more about that, but interesting take.

I should be writing this review, but I really had to go google Cahokia and the mounds. To really get a look at them, since I know so little about the Native Americans along the Mississippi.

Back to fiction then. I really got to know everyone, and liked them. And I am very anti-Rome, we all know what they want. It's an interesting read, how things were, and could have been. yes of course he mixes fact and fiction. This is an alternative history after all. But it makes it fascinating.

The book is about making a life in a new land. New friends. New ways. But also the danger of the past. Hint hint, Rome is coming back.


Paperback, 400 pages
Published March 25th 2016 by Titan Books
Hesperian Trilogy #2
Alternative history
For review


  1. I'm always amaze when I stop by your blog to find some cool book I never heard of. :)

  2. Alternative history reads are always fascinating to me! I think I would be anti-Rome as well:)

  3. I like when books like this mix the fact and fiction. Makes the story even more interesting to see how it could have gone.

  4. I tend to like these alternate history books, this one sounds good.

  5. Ok, alternate history explains the odd combination on the cover - Roman helmet, Native American headdresses...

  6. so intriguing!!! I do love the history of Rome, so this would be so fascinating to read yet different!

  7. I'm glad this series continues to be as cool and fascinating as it sounds. I love books where I read something that catches my interest, and I feel like I have to immediately go look it up!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. I do like alternate history. Maybe I'd like this one :)

  9. You are really tempting me. I love the fun of alternate histories and the setting and antagonists in this one make it even better.

  10. Sounds very interesting. I've read a few alternative histories, but not many. I like this sounds of this. Thanks for sharing.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  11. This does sound very different. I like alternative history.

  12. The alternative histories are so fascinating.

  13. oooooooooo I can't but adore what-if stories.

  14. Wait... didn't you just review another alt. history? haha. I'm so confused.

  15. I'm sort 50/50 on alt history. Sometimes I find them fascinating and other times don't get it lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth



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