Thursday 16 March 2017

To tame a dangerous lord - Nicole Jordan

Dangerously sexy nobleman and former spymaster Rayne Kenyon, Earl of Haviland, has no interest in love. He merely desires an heir to carry on his title and therefore must have a wife. Rayne makes a surprising choice of brides by settling on the plain spinster daughter of a fellow spy who once saved his life. But the spirited and witty Madeline Ellis proves much more than Rayne bargained for.

Dazed by Rayne’s smoldering kisses, Madeline knows that she’s at last found love—with a man determined to avoid it. Once wedded, she decides to take fate into her own hands. Maybe, just maybe, she can kindle the fires in Rayne’s heart by turning her plain, ordinary self into a dazzling temptress. With a little help from the Loring sisters, the earl’s artless new wife becomes a beautiful, bold seductress in their marriage bed. But who could imagine that a simple marriage of convenience can suddenly be flooded with danger, desire, and unexpected love?

My thoughts:
I thought this one was much older, not creepy old, but older. It was just something about how he kissed her way too quickly, how she fell so quickly. It was old schoolish.

Riiight, so we have Madeleine who wants a new job.
Rayne who needs a bride so his gran can leave him al0ne.
They meet, soon they marry and she is all he is so awesome, but will never love me! But...he at least seems happy to do you every chance he gets. 

There is some spying, some helping a friend, making new friends, a brother in trouble and of course the most important NO COMMUNICATION. Talk to each other people. TALK!!! That did get annoying.

But, it was more than ok. Not by much though, too old schoolish, way too much non communication. But still good.


Mass Market Paperback, 455 pages
Published January 26th 2010 by Ballantine Books (first published December 29th 2009)
Courtship Wars #5
Historical romance


  1. I might like it - and on the cover it appears he has his clothes on :)

  2. So many problems can be solved if the people will just talk to each other. Sounds like an interesting read.

  3. Awww I'd get annoyed by the not talking to one another bits

  4. I'm sorry that you had some issues with this book, I don't think this would be my sort of read, but thank you for your honest review! :)

  5. Yes, I want to shake them when they won't talk.

  6. This doesn't really sound like my kind of book.

  7. Yeah no talking can be annoying, but I don't mind the older style romances.

  8. I saw that cover and knew you weren't going to like it. :)

  9. Yes, it drives me nuts when the guy and gal in romances don't communicate, and it's usually done for the sake of creating more drama. It's like, um, that doesn't usually bode well for happily ever after in real life :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Lol, totally. If they do not talk now, why should they talk in the future

  10. Spies, marriage of conveniece, yay, but bad communication is a boo.

  11. I know, if only they would communicate they'd find it so much better, but... I guess its an author ploy!

  12. I know I wouldn't enjoy the old-school nature of this one very much so I'm going to skip it for sure. But thanks for such a helpful and honest review!

  13. Bah. No communication sounds just as bad as miscommunication drama.

  14. things feel like they are moving too quickly for my taste in this book

  15. I'm not a fan of insta love either.

  16. Poor girl...I can see why she maybe thought he really didn't like her. But dammit communicate!

  17. First you hook me on Dukes... Now am I going to have to start on Lords?!



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