Thursday 6 July 2017

The Children - Ann Leary

Charlotte and Sally Maynard grew up in a rambling Connecticut country house that belonged to their stepfather, Whit Whitman. Perry and Spin, Whit's sons from his unhappy first marriage, were welcomed as weekend guests. All of the children received Whit's love and attention, but they were also influenced, for better and for worse, by his often misguided ideals and wildly narcissistic personality. When Whit dies, he leaves the estate in the care of his wife, Charlotte and Sally's mother, with the understanding that the home will revert to Perry and Spin when she passes away. But Joan, a stalwart sixty-something, isn't going anywhere soon. She's enjoying the house, which she shares with Charlotte, an agoraphobic mommy blogger, who doesn't actually have any children. She and her sister have a good relationship, and they're close, too, with their step brothers. But when Spin, the youngest, brings his beautiful fiancé Laurel Atwood home for the summer, she manages to subtly crack the polite veneer of the family, exposing an array of simmering resentments, old wounds, and troubling family secrets.

Told from the sharp and wryly humorous perspective of the introverted Charlotte, THE CHILDREN examines themes of money, loyalty, trust, and familial love. 

My thoughts:
Things might seem perfect but underneath it all things are falling apart. Like this house. When you come inside you realise how torn down it is, and then you see how many cracks are outside too.

Joan had an affair with Whit and married him. His two kids did not come around a lot. The older was more resentful than Skip who had been too young. And Joan, well she likes things as they are now. She is stuck in that house.

Charlotte whose book this is is also stuck in this house. Really stuck, like has been for a long time. She makes money from her blog and writings so no need to actually go anywhere then. There is even a guy nearby to hook up with. She was comfortable there, but at the same time I started to feel that she really needed to go out and life some. But that is hard for some.

Then there is Sally her sister with issues of her own...

And Skip who brings home his new fiance, who is just so perfect and sweet.

Resentment, buried feelings collide during this summer. And the end was, I honestly can not say anything about the ending. It was real. Life takes, life gives. Life is perfect, life is a bitch. The ending was raw, truthful. Perfect in it's own way.

The book was not that long so I read it pretty fast. I wanted to know what would happen. They were all happy or sort of happy in their own ways. Life was moving forward, nothing major would happen, or would it...

Secrets and family drama to be promised.

Paperback, 256 pages
Expected publication: July 6th 2017 by Corvus Books (first published April 19th 2016)
For review


  1. That sounds like a boat load of family drama! Not sure if it's for me, but glad it was a quick read.

  2. OOh exactly my cup of tea. Thanks great review

  3. Interesting and I am curious to see what the summer brings for them.

  4. Hmm... sounds like the ending was tough but well worth the read.

  5. oooooops, my bad

    Kathryn T has left a new comment on your post "The Children - Ann Leary":

    Hmm sounds fascinating and I think its the kind of book I'd enjoy.

  6. This sounds good. Gotta love some family drama ;)

  7. Ooh family drama can be so deliciously fun. I imagine when Skip brings the fiance there all kinds of stuff happens... :)

  8. Sounds so little "Gothicy"

  9. I have to confess it's not really my genre, but I'm intrigued by all the family drama. Sounds like it might make a good movie.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  10. A quick read with a difficult end. You piqued my interest has it relates to the difficult ending.

  11. You have me curious about this one. Interesting mixture in the family.

  12. oooooo symbolism I like it!



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