Sunday 8 October 2017

Carole's Sunday Review: Survive Camp Terror

Author: Kenny Abdo
Title: Survive Camp Terror
Genre: Fiction, Suspense, and YA
Pages: 115
Published: September 2017
I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

After decades closed, the doors to Camp Dream Haven have reopened to the next generation of kids looking for the best summer of their lives. After a rafting trip goes horribly wrong, two polar-opposite campers, Maddy and TJ, are forced to team up in order to survive the night in the forest and make their way back to camp. But the deeper they go into the woods, the more a terrifying “local legend” seems like it might be reality

What a fun, quick story! It was short and easy to read, but it was good. 

The story follows a couple of teens who are both about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. TJ is the bad boy who gets his kicks off of being mean to those weak. Maddy is TJ's new victim who just wanted to come to this camp and be a normal kid and make some friends. Things happen and TJ and Maddy are separated from the rest of the rafters and are forced to try and survive the wilderness. 

Of course, this story is about them growing to know themselves and be more understanding of each other. However, they also have to learn to trust each other especially when something scarier and more unstable then nature shows up. 

I was shocked at the big twist. I honestly did NOT expect that at all. Very good and it worked well.

The Native American lore was an excellent addition. It added a little something. 

TJ needed a kick in the pants. Sure, I felt bad for him in a way, but he needed someone to set him straight...little jerk. I liked Maddy. She reminded me a little of myself at that age. Poor girl. 

This was scary in a way, but more suspenseful. What was going to happen? Who is that? Why? When? Where? 

The dialogue was a little sketchy at some points. Sometimes it didn't feel natural and what people would say especially the young. Maddy is an exception because she is a nerdy girl who would have a better vocabulary.

There were some grammar errors here and there, but it was minimal. 

In the end, this was a fun read. A good Halloween story for every age group. It may be a YA, but it does work for everyone. A good twist, some scary moments, some suspenseful moments, but there were a couple grammar issues and the dialogue didn't flow naturally here and there. I shall give this 4 stars. 



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