Tuesday 18 August 2020


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August 18th: What book worlds would you love to visit?

A tricky one. It makes me think of fantasy, but hey why couldn't I visit some nice small town or a ranch filled with hot cowboys.

Also, all fantasy worlds are pretty depressing in the end, war and all that. But I do want to meet a hot elf.

So Middle Earth, Valinor, not during war time.

Ok so I am looking at books and damn all fantasy worlds are really bad to live in. So let's just visit, and have a doctor and some body guards in stand by.

- Midkemia, elves again!
- The Six Duchies, cos Fitz!
- Westlands, WOT Country because obviously
- Namid,  yes scary as FUDGE, but just a quick tour and then RUN
- Just a quick trip to the future and meet Julius and see some dragons in our boring world

I'd love to visit then and then get the fuck out



  1. Lol! I'd love to visit a small town with a bunch of hot cowboys, too! Body guards and doctors while visiting dangerous fantasy lands? Great idea!

  2. Most of the places in books are bad unless you are a very specific character so I don't know what I'd pick.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  3. Rachel
    Ha, I do love my cowboys, and I sure one of my books would be a good setting
    And yes gotta have some backup

    Yes, it was hard! So many places such, but characters rock

  4. A year ago I probably would have said I wanted to visit Hogwarts, but these days I'd settle for any book set pre-COVID.

  5. I think I picked mainly fantasy worlds too

  6. Yes, Middle Earth, but only certain places - The Shire and Rivendell :)

    (And same, not during war time, lol...)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. Yep, that's the thing about fantasy worlds- so dark and dangerous. But, a quick trip and back, maybe. A trip into a Carolyn Brown town would be just the thing. :)

  8. Ethan
    I hear you!

    They are just best

    Yes,not everywhere, but certain places

    Oh I would meet some great cowboys in her world!

  9. Seriously... these are some dangerous places. Maybe if we were granted superpowers first.

  10. Jen
    Right, die at first sight places.But I still want to see them :D



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