Tuesday 24 November 2020



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What books/authors/narrators/bloggers are you most thankful for this year?

To all my wonderful blogging buddies:

I can't pick one blogger (though obvi special thank you to Carole for helping out every week!) But I honestly want to thank everyone that stops by, I would not be blogging without you. I am not really interested in writing for no one. I mean how boring wouldn't that be? To write, and then no one reads it. I want to talk about books with other people :D I want to visit blogs and get recommendations and more.

Thank you ALL for making this blogging world wonderful :D

Narrators rock!

Well I did re-listen to Heartstrikers so thank you for Vikas Adam, and omg yes fine you all, I have like a narrator crush on the guy lol.

Also thank you narrators for all the work you put in, I love audiobooks!

Books I have loved:

I have to be thankful for the Ruth Galloway series, because if someone has missed it, I have been a TAD bit obsessed this Fall. Just a tad bit ;) I loved them, and they made me want to read more mystery, but so far I have found nothing, I want something similar and it is hard.

Special shout out for Heartstrikers by Rachel Aaron, proving that a re-listen is an awesome thing to do


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Ruth Galloway books and yay for book blogging!

  2. I enjoy our conversations, too! Yes, what would having a blog be if we didn't have others to discuss with?

    I love being obsessed with a series! :)

  3. "I have like a narrator crush on the guy".
    😂 It's the first time that I come across someone having a narrator crush. Then again, I suppose it makes sense - I get dubber crushes on the people who dub TV series in Italian!

    1. Hehe, but hey if you have dubber crushes then you totally get me

  4. "a tad bit obsessed?" :D Maybe a little ;)

  5. The blogging community is great! It wouldn't be any fun to do all of this without other bloggers. I love that you have a narrator crush :)

    1. It would be boring and lonely :D Gotta have people to talk with

  6. I'll take a closer look to the Ruth Galloway series

  7. I'm thankful for the good reads and pretty much all the blogs I follow that keep me sane :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. Love seeing what your thankful for. I have a really long list of bloggers and blog visitors too who make it all worth it.

  9. I'm thankful you're still blogging because I've tried some great books because of you!

  10. I am so thankful for you and letting me help <3



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