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8/24/2021 Do you have any pets? Tell us about them (past or present)

This is Lucifer, he turned 8 this year. He can be an angel, and he can be a real devil. He is polydactyl, and maybe that helped him to start opening doors at 3 months.

I was worried when we moved cos he is an outdoor cat, we tried our best at having him inside, but those darn doors! But he has adapted well and he loves to talk walks in the woods with us.

I have had many cats, Ture and Bamse were the first ones when I was little. Ture was the kindest cat in the world, I used to have him as a pony for my barbie dolls. Poor cat.

Rammi was my second cat, so sweet.  When I had pneumonia she refused to leave my side for weeks. I still miss her.

This is Rhodri, I was quite the cat stealer in my days and I lured him away from my grandparents and he moved in with us, together with his brother Verdi. Aww, just looking at this photo makes me sad, it was like a week before he passed away. I had moved away by then, and was not there.

This is the last cat my parents had, Morrigan. Obvi I named her ;) I was home for the summer and found that a cat had a kitten near my parents. First it was under a rock, then we lured her out to a little old bike shed.

Into the story comes Torah, I only found this photo :/ He came to my parents around the time we got rhodri and Verdi, but he tended to go back to my grandparents (they had a farm). He was so sweet and looked like my first cat, Ture. He stayed with the momma and kitten. Like they were a family! Then it got colder and we took the kitten inside. The mother refused to come, but it's like she knew. Torah and baby Morrigan used to sleep together on the sofa.

But no the cats from my past are all gone. I still miss them.

We did have rabbits too, Maximus! And this white devil that we got from my grandparents so our rabbit could have company. That rabbit lived for AGES (and she was already really old when we got her), Maximus did not, he was dwarf rabbit. 

And no other pets

8/31/2021 What books are you looking forward to reading in Fall 2021? (September-November)


  1. AWE so cute
    Iv've had many pets both as a child and an adult
    My first adult pet was a border collie Fluffy I watched being born and he lived until he was almost 20.

    Then there were a myriad of other dogs plus Gabby a Tuxedo Cat who was a hoot, loved dogs hated cats and died when she was only 8 from heart disease.
    Now I have Princess Pippa who my instagram followers see most days.

    1. Aww Fluffy. I was there when Ture was born too :)

      So sad when they die young, we have been unlucky with sickness and genetic diseases

  2. All your cats are precious, but Lucifer is a majestic beast.

  3. I have two dogs, they're Cavalier King Charles spaniels and super sweet! They're both eleven years old and oooold, lol.

  4. Beautiful cats. Lucifer is gorgeous and stands out against the snow.

  5. I had a little dog while growing up and a cat, but since being married I've always had cats over the years. I hate it when they pass. Lately it's like a piece of my heart is ripped out. Looks like we're both going to be the crazy cat lady, lol! :)

  6. WOW! All I know is Luci - he's been with you "forever" (since I've known you), so it's weird for me to think of you with other cats. They are all so cute and special.

    1. Awww yes my devil boy.
      I do love them all

  7. Ahh, love seeing your fur babies over the years. So hard when they leave us. I've got two cats at the moment and they have fun personalities.

  8. awww I didn't realize you've had so many cats over the years. I love seeing their photos and hearing their stories.

    And Luci lives such a happy life!

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. Well many were contemporaries, Ture and Rammi yes, but I think that even Rhodri and the gang might have been born there at the end

  9. So many adorable kitties. I've enjoyed your pictures of Luci for a while. Glad to see some of the past kitties too.

    I have two horses, Dante and Wesley. I lost my dog Duncan earlier this year. I just got a new puppy last weekend. Keeley. She's adorable.

    Melanie @ Books of My Heart



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