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2/8/2022 What’s the chore you resent having to do the most?

First, I missed last week's tmst, I am so behind on everything. Been feeling tired after my booster. So first, last week, Alyssa Cole rocks. There, one done, lol.

This week, why do I always answer these minutes before going to bed. Always in a hurry.  Chore....emptying the dish washer! Ugh, if it was finished and empty that would be heaven! Now u have to empty, and then fill, and I do not so they just leave there. I need a robot.

edit. I meant dishwasher, sigh, tired

2/15/2022 Valentine's Day Share your favorite romance moments: movie, book, story, etc.

2/22/2022 Has a book by your favourite author ever disappointed you badly?


  1. Feel ya! I've been so tired lately. Mainly bc of work and training BLEH.

    Chores? All of them bahahahahaha. ;)

  2. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite chore. I'm looking forward to when my grandson gets older so I can give him some chores around the house. lol

  3. Yeah that is not the most fun thing

  4. Yes... the dishes are never-ending... I hate when no one else empties it and the dirty dishes pile up. UGH!

  5. Sounds like you have quite a bit on your plate at the moment. Take care.

  6. LOL, that machine never seems to be empty no matter how many clothes I fold and put away. ;)

  7. Laundry sucks because it is never ending. Once you get it done and put away, more is already starting to pile up.

    Melanie @ Books of My Heart

  8. Probably vacuuming. Hate the noise, but sigh, it has to be done...

  9. I...do not have a dishwasher. But put "washing machine" in its place, and same. Laundry never ends...



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