Thursday 30 June 2022

Best of June


Happy almostmJuly everyone!

Here are our best for last month!

Best Book of the Month:

"I actually had a rather slow month again. Many good ones, but only one great one."

"Had a slowish month. But this one really stood out! Loving this series!"

Best Movie of the Month:

Carole The King (2019)
"Another month of slowness. I blame my wedding at end of May and our camping trip ;). But I did watch this one. It was good. Not amazing, but I enjoyed it!"

"Best movie, really good."

Best TV show of the Month:

Blodeuedd - What We Do in the Shadows
"I watched What we do in the shadows and it was hilarious! "

"I also watched Obi-Wan, all the feels."

"Been binging this since it is leaving Netflix!! I forgot how much I ADORE this show!"

"I also watched this! So good!!!! All the feels!! I need to re-watch."

Best Cover of the Month:

"Just such a beautiful cover!"

"Best cover, cos it looks cute!"


  1. I love What We Do in Shadows!! New season starts soon, yay!

    1. Disney did not have s3 so I have lots more

  2. Nice! Many different things!

  3. I've noticed quite a few readers with The Locked Room, great you enjoyed it.

  4. LOVED Heartstopper, liked Obi-wan and Dr. Strange.

    We've been watching What We Do in the Shadows for a few years now and it's so funny,

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. Disney only had 2 seasons and I want more

  5. Only thing I've read/seen here is Obi-Wan and lol can't say I was crazy about the writing but the ending was pretty epic!

    1. It had issues, but it was so old school, loved it for that

  6. Oh Linda... SMH... That Dr. Strange movie was the worst of all Marvel movies. *sigh* we shall never agree on Marvel. Have you been watching Ms. Marvel? SOOOOOO GOOD! I love it.



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