Monday 11 July 2022

Carole's Monday review

Author: Kate Forsyth
Title: The Crimson Thread
Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: paperback
Pages: 350
Published:  July 5th 2022
Where I Got It: My shelf (given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

In Crete during World War II, Alenka, a young woman who fights with the resistance against the brutal Nazi occupation, finds herself caught between her traitor of a brother and the man she loves, an undercover agent working for the Allies.

May 1941. German paratroopers launch a blitzkrieg from the air against Crete. They are met with fierce defiance, the Greeks fighting back with daggers, pitchforks, and kitchen knives. During the bloody eleven-day battle, Alenka, a young Greek woman, saves the lives of two Australian soldiers.

Jack and Teddy are childhood friends who joined up together to see the world. Both men fall in love with Alenka. They are forced to retreat with the tattered remains of the Allied forces over the towering White Mountains. Both are among the seven thousand Allied soldiers left behind in the desperate evacuation from Crete's storm-lashed southern coast. Alenka hides Jack and Teddy at great risk to herself. Her brother Axel is a Nazi sympathiser and collaborator and spies on her movements.

As Crete suffers under the Nazi jackboot, Alenka is drawn into an intense triangle of conflicting emotions with Jack and Teddy. Their friendship suffers under the strain of months of hiding and their rivalry for her love. Together, they join the resistance and fight to free the island, but all three will find themselves tested to their limits. Alenka must choose whom to trust and whom to love and, in the end, whom to save.

Can't help myself when I see a WWII novel...especially if it has women doing their part! So yesss I was so excited to get started on this one! I've read a previous book by this author so that made me extra excited!

We follow Alenka, Jack, and Teddy. Alenka is a young Greek woman who fights with the resistance against the Nazi occupation. She finds herself dealing with not only the Nazis, but her traitor of a brother, the men she loves, and being an undercover agent working for the Allies. She has a lot on her plate. Jack and Teddy are longtime friends who joined up together to see the world and fight the Nazis. They find themselves forced to retreat with the tattered remains of the Allied forces over the White Mountains. They are left behind during the evacuation from Crete. Alenka hides both of them. As Crete suffers under the Nazi boot, Alenka finds herself drawn into a dangerous triangle of conflicting emotions with Jack and Teddy. Teddy and Jack find their friendship will suffer under the strain of months of hiding and rivalry for Alenka's love. 

I really should read more by this author! I read a previous book a while back and liked it. And then I read this one and liked it too. This author is talented and really knows how to bring the world to life and make characters that will stay with you!! 

At first, I did not like Alenka at all. I thought she was whiney and annoying. She did grow on me as we went along but it took a few chapters. And then I loved her. She is a brave woman indeed! 

I liked Teddy and Jack. Jack more than Teddy. You can't help but root for Jack! 

Honestly...I had no idea what was going to happen. I was so worried! Between the Nazi scum running around and Alenka's brother????? Ugh. I was on the edge of my seat. Her brother was scum too because he LOVED the Nazis and wanted to join them and help them. Poor Alenka. Poor thing had to grow up so quickly because of the war. 

Normally I try and stay away from love triangles but I do make exceptions from time to time. The triangle here didn't bug me at all since it didn't take over the plot. Yes, there are a lot of feelings...but they do have bigger fish to fry so we get to see other things play out. We also didn't have over-the-top dramatic scenes that make me roll my eyes. The author did a wonderful job balancing the angst of the love issues and real-life war issues. It felt real and I applaud the author for this. 

There are some dark scenes, but it is you know you are going to see some bad, bad stuff. The author didn't make it overly graphic so for those with weaker stomachs, you'll be okay. But yes, fair warning this is set during one of the deadliest times in history. 

I did shed a couple of tears. I won't spoil anything, but I did have to wipe my eyes a couple times. 

In the end, I simply couldn't put this down! The author is fantastic at bringing characters to life and making them complex and fascinating. You'll get swept away and not want to stop reading. You'll love the characters. I did struggle a little bit with one of the main characters, but I soon grew to love her as much as the other two. I highly recommend this for my historical fiction lovers. 5 stars from me. 

I'm having some good books so far for July *knocks on wood so I don't jinx this good luck*! That makes me happy...I was striking out a lot earlier in the month/end of June. 

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