Sunday 11 September 2022

Random tv/movie post

This miniseries was fun, and weird. Recommended

Based on a YA book, pretty meh

This YA movie was better, it had some actual depth as the main character is schizophrenic 

Jen told me it was great ;) But yes the two first eps were rocky, but then one day I decided to try again and after ep 3 it did get good :D

This was fun! Oh and I cried at the end

And the last season of B99. Sad

And then there was this weird movie. Can't say I rec it, but I could watch it


  1. That first one looks good!

  2. Oh, I want to watch the new Thor! I want to try Brooklyn 99 too!

  3. Okay, Boo Bitch did catch my attention because of the name!

  4. Did you finish Ms. Marvel? I still stand by my opinion. B99 is one of my favorite all-time shows. The Halloween eps are so good. My girl and I are re-watching the series (for the third time). The last season is a hard one, but it ended with a great episode!

    1. Yes I liked it :D I binged the second half
      Sigh, no more B99 :/ But it was a good run



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