Thursday 29 December 2022

Audio: Three cowboys and a baby

By: Kate Pearce

Narrated by: Caroline Price

Length: 9 hrs and 59 mins

Release date: 12-27-22

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Contemporary romance /to review

Wow, the ex in this one. That man should loose all parental rights! He shows up at a house, and just leaves his kid there! Luckily they know what to do while trying to figure things out.

And the poor mother! As a reader we do not know what to think first either, but I know she can´t be the lost cause that the ex made her out to be. I mean poor woman! She comes back from working at sea and can´t find her child.

Noah is horrible to her when they meet. I mean I get it, they were told things, but hello, like ask her first! She went to hell and back to find her child.

Jen blames herself. Don´t! What was she supposed to do? And then she gets stuck at the ranch. Most be some kind of snowstorm.

Obi she and Noah will fall in love. They butt heads and then respect will build. Stuck together for weeks when roads are dangerous .

I liked it, and I wonder about the other books. The two other friends seems interesting, and with their own issues to handle.

Good narration. Not the biggest cast of characters , but the distinction between them all worked so well

When an old military buddy turns up at the ranch he shares with two friends, Noah Harding never imagines the friend will skip out overnight and leave his baby boy behind. Noah will have some choice parenting advice to offer when the baby’s mother turns up, but until then, he’ll do his best to take care of the little one. Yet when a relieved Jen finally tracks down her son, Noah realizes the story is more complicated than he thought. And soon, so are his feelings for Jen . . .

Jen Rossi doesn’t expect much from her unreliable ex, but she’s shocked to return from an extended mission and discover he’s abandoned their son with three men she doesn’t know. Not that Noah isn’t doing a good job as fill-in daddy. In fact, there seems to be very little the straight-talking cowboy can’t do. And with a winter storm settling in, and close quarters making it impossible to deny their chemistry, this temporary solution might just become the key to forever 



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