Friday 10 March 2023

Cytonic by Brandonn Sanderson

409 pages, Paperback

Series: Skyward (#3)

Published: October 11, 2022 by Gollancz


Is it me? Am I over books? Can I only do audi0? Or was this book just boring? I think it might be the latter. it was really dull, nothing happened. Everyone was boring, everything was boring. I want to skim, and it was so bad that nope, I will not get book 4. it is over. It is sad, but it is over

She proved herself one of the best starfighters in the human enclave of Detritus and she saved her people from extermination at the hands of the Krell – the enigmatic alien species that has been holding them captive for decades. What’s more, she travelled light-years from home as a spy to infiltrate the Superiority, where she learned of the galaxy beyond her small, desolate planet home. Now, the Superiority – the governing galactic alliance bent on dominating all human life – has started a galaxy-wide war. And Spensa has seen the weapons they plan to use to end it: the Delvers. Ancient, mysterious alien forces that can wipe out entire planetary systems in an instant.

Spensa knows that no matter how many pilots the DDF has, there is no defeating this predator.

Except that Spensa is Cytonic. She faced down a Delver and saw something eerily familiar about it. And maybe, if she’s able to figure out what she is, she could be more than just another pilot in this unfolding war. She could save the galaxy. The only way she can discover what she really is, though, is to leave behind all she knows and enter the Nowhere. A place from which few ever return.


  1. Oh too bad about this one...

  2. oh so sorry I hate when that happens too and I don't think you're over books I think it was boring

  3. Ugh. Sorry this one isn't working for you. I find I'm listening more than reading these days.

  4. It might be both! I can't read much these days, 95% of my books are on audio. And yes, sometimes it's better to put down the series you don't want to read anymore than lose your time and push through boredom ❤️

    1. It just felt dull to me, I might have to give this one up

  5. Bummer this was boring. Yep, doesn't sound worth it to continue.

  6. I've never read Brandon...

  7. Oh no! I have this book sitting on my shelf but I haven't read it yet.

  8. lol I have books that I can only do on audio now or only in physical books.

  9. So sorry it didn't work for you! I'm still excited for book 4.



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