Monday 13 November 2023

Carole's Monday: Embrace the lace

Author: Shannon Macleod
Title: Embrace the Lace
Genre: SciFi, Fantasy, Historical Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 321
Published: March 21, 2023
Where I Got It: My shelf (Netgalley)

Widowed Andrew MacIver has problems and responsibilities aplenty. At twenty and five, he is already chieftain of his large clan. His castle is in a state of disrepair, his cook is clueless and to make matters worse, his uncle appears dead set on taking his job. He doesn’t have time to admit he is lonely, but he does need to remarry – and quickly, for the clan expects their laird to have a wife and heirs. He needs the perfect noble lady, decorous, competent, and obedient. The upcoming clan gathering seems the perfect opportunity to renew allegiances, find a suitable bride and get married, in that order. Well…that was the plan, anyway. But then the fae got involved.

Loveable geek Paisley Evangeline Darling – Van to her friends – wants one last adventure before going off to complete her master’s degree in mechanical engineering like her hero Tony Stark. On the very first night at the SCA renaissance festival, she is snatched kicking and screaming back to 17th century Scotland, nearly drowning in the process. Andrew, her handsome rescuer, is stressed out and intent on helping her find her way home, but she is having way too much fun to leave. Who better than a smart, free spirited and independent 21st century lass to bring a little love and laughter back into the exasperated laird’s dull life? After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Caution: Contains meddlesome faeries, questionable inventions, culinary miracles, one ferocious dragon, a heroine with zero regard for convention, and a reluctant hero with his hands full.

I saw this and knew I had to check it out. Who doesn't love a good time-traveling romance set in Scotland?????

Andrew has a lot on his plate and doesn't have time for anything. He needs a new wife to help him create an heir for his clan. With the upcoming clan gathering...this will be the perfect opportunity to renew allegiances and find a suitable bride. However, he needs a break. When he takes his horse out for a ride, he will soon discover his world is about to change forever thanks to a nosy Fae. Van wants an adventure before going off to complete her master's degree in mechanical engineering so she decides to go to the SCA Renaissance Festival which is a complete and totally immersive experience. Little does she know...she is about to have an adventure into the real deal. 

I feel terrible for admitting this....but I was so annoyed with Van at the beginning that I wanted to scream. She was unrelenting and never stopped talking. She was very sweet and smart and cute and etc...but shut up Van. She did calm down a litttttttle bit later on, but she was a lot to handle. I loved she loved the nerdy stuff and was a whiz with the engineering and building....but sweet lord did I want to shake her. 

Andrew was sweet and grumpy. Just how I like 'em ;) 

This does have some humor and can't take this story too seriously. It was a lot of fun. Van is very sweet in her own way (even though she never, ever stops talking) and brightens up the castle. She brought joy back and had people laughing again. The catapult scene made me warm up to her a bit. 

Some plot devices were very, very flimsy and too the ending with Van's parents. Mmmm. Take it with a grain of salt. This was very light. I found that this was the Hallmark of Time Travel romances. Nothing too serious and everything was easily solved.

However, I did have fun with this. It was sweet and quick and had humor. The love was there and it was sweet. Van needed to calm down, but she was an interesting character and maybe it was just a me thing. If you are looking for something light...check this out. I'll give it 3 stars. 

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