Friday 8 December 2023

Heartstrikers 4 and 5


Re-listen of the whole series. Book 4 got intense when the Chinese dragons appeared, and the DFC is going to the void.

I do love listening to this series and Vikas Adam is an amazing narrator. I love his voice in this series

Last book. It was another intense one as War is at the gates and the whole world is at stake.

If I have not said it before. Try this series in audio


  1. Some stories are just meant to be consumed via audiobooks. I've found the works of L.R. Dorn are like that for me. The full cast audio just brings the stories to life in a way that doesn't come across as well on the page.

    1. It was like this with another series too. I read it and it was good you know. But then I listened to it and was Blown away

  2. Oh thank god you finished it! HAHAHAHA!! Have you read the spinoff series?

  3. I've heard so many good things about this

  4. I've listened to Vikas and enjoyed him. Will have to try this series at some point.

  5. You are tempting me to do a reread as well!



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