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Audio: Grave Destiny - Kalayna Price

Narrated by: Emily Durante
Series: Alex Craft, Book 6
Length: 11 hrs and 54 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 04-02-19
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Urban fantasy
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My Thoughts
I do like historical romance on audio, but urban fantasy I have discovered to work just as well. Some genres to seem to click more and get even better in audio. And this one certainly did just that.

Alex gets a new case. A dead body in Faerie and possible war if a killer is not caught. I never remember who I ship since the wait between books is usually quite long. So Faelan who? Stop crying over spilled milk, Dugan seems juicy! As it is no Alex is not dating anyone (still miss you Death!), Faelan and her, well they did have their fling and now she has to work with him since he is a knight and agent. And Dugan, is the Shadow Prince who hires her. And yes, I like him, I wish she could like him back *sighs*

Faerie is not easy to navigate through. Everyone has hidden agendas. The Winter Queen is a b*tch. The other regents are no better. Though Dugan's dad did seem ok. This is not just a murder investigation, there are toes that can not be stepped upon. Feathers that can not be ruffled. And there is a baddie in the wings trying to cause war (I did guess who quite easily, I wonder why they did not).

The narration is great, there is always something behind the corner so you keep listening to know more. Like I said, UF does seem to be great for audio.

The end promises more hardship to come, and I can't wait! Must have more.

She does the voices well, everyone has their sound. It is easy to follow along. She keeps up the tension and speed. And she makes this to an enjoyable listen that has me clamoring for more.

Alex is still trying to come to terms with her changing powers and her growing ties to Faerie when a case she'd rather avoid falls right into her lap. A fae prince desperately needs Alex to investigate a politically sensitive murder. She reluctantly agrees to the case, taking FIB agent Falin Andrews along as her backup. 

But as Alex begins to delve into the mystery, she realizes that the intricate web of alliances and intrigue in the Faerie courts is strained to its limits. War is about to break out, one that threatens to spill over into the mortal realm. This murder is tied right to the center of centuries-old arcane unrest, and if Alex isn't careful she may follow the twisting path ahead of her right into her grave end.


  1. I need to start this one. The only thing that is making me hold off is that I'm behind on writing reviews and I don't want to get even further behind. LOL

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

  2. I had such a great time with this one

  3. I think I've seen good things about Alex Craft. And yes, historicals and UF work well by audio. I love listening to my UFs! :)

    1. I have not done a lot, but I find more and more that they are so freaking great in audio

  4. This looks really good Blodeuedd and I LOVE the cover

  5. UF does go well on audio but mostly the narrator has to be perfect and then all is great.

    1. True. But then that is the case for all so :D

  6. I found a lot of UF works awesome on audio :D I need to listen to them more that way

  7. Urban fantasy is one of my favorite genres to do in audio! Right after thrillers.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Mine is obvi historical romance ;) But I do feel UF is second now :D Fantasy is sadly like last for some reason. Thrillers are really high up too, they work better in audio for me

  8. Urban fantasy sounds like it would be fun on audio!

  9. Ah yes! Another series I need to get to. Glad the narrator works for this series. I think I've enjoyed her work before...

    1. I do believe I have tried other by her before, hmm

  10. UF does work well as audio.
    And I LOOOOOOVE that cover.

  11. I've heard this is a good series and it's good to know the audio is also good. I'll add to my "I'll get to it someday" list! Thanks.


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