Monday 13 May 2019

Audio: Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti

Narrated by: Roger Wayne
Series: Deep Ops, Book 1
Length: 9 hrs and 54 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 04-16-19
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Romantic suspense
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My Thoughts
Pippa is running from something in her past. I felt sorry for her, I would have run too. Ugh her mother is all I am saying! Worst mother of the year. So she stays mostly indoors, has one friend and then one day a sexy guy moves into the house next door.

Malcolm, Malcolm, yes he likes Pippa from the start, but the lies man, the lies! And again, totally understandable. He needs lies. It is his job. But he is a good guy that just wants to protect the weak.

I want to say more, but, ok so the thing does come up quickly, but I still do not want to talk about it. It has a better feel if one does not know why she hides or what he is doing. But I liked it. It was creepy. A running from worthy.

They get close. She wants to be normal, he falls in love. But the secrets, the secrets! And then there is drama and suspense too as the lies are catching up and baddies are coming.

I enjoyed it. A nice amount of romance and suspense.

I actually liked the voice for another guy better than the main. The main was ok, but it was just so manly and rough. Ha. He was such a male. 

But yes as you can see the voices were distinct and I liked that. I knew where I had everyone. He did the drama, romance and suspense well too.

Hide. That's all Pippa can do to escape the terror chasing her. But now that she's off the grid in a safe house, she finds plenty of interesting things to watch through the window. Like her new neighbor, with his startling green eyes, killer smile, and sexy bad-boy tattoo....
Run. Malcolm West is fleeing the hell he unleashed in his last assignment as an undercover cop. A backwoods bungalow sounds like the perfect place to start over. Until he discovers he's been set up.... 
Fight. Someone's gone to a lot of trouble to bring them together. No matter how much he resents that, and no matter his own driving needs, Malcolm will have to dig deep and let loose the banished killer inside himself, or Pippa's fears could come true faster than the flip of a bolt in a lock....


  1. It's an author I need to try

  2. Well now I am curious as to what she was running from and what her bad mother did!

  3. I don't think I've read anything by her yet.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  4. Ooh off the grid is always fun. :)

  5. I want to like Rom Susp, but I just don't seem to click with it. I've heard great things about this author.

  6. You tease... :) Yea, I do need to try this author sometime soon.

  7. So many secrets in this one! I see why you have to keep them all close to the vest, gotta say I am intrigued.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. This author is on my list, ah I just need to clone me LOL



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