Thursday, 16 May 2019

Blackwing - Ed McDonald

Paperback, 384 pages
Published July 2017 by Gollancz
Series: Raven's Mark #1

This review was written on my phone...I am not a phone reviewer person, never again

My Thoughts
This felt like a dark world. I mean it was a dark world! A war tore the country apart, creating a wasteland called The misery where dark creatures roam and beyond ancient magra wants to cross. All This country have is a deadly macho and so e powerful goodlike mages. And The machine seems go be broken.

, p, ause. God damm spellcheck! 

Anyvway cool world. Those powerful mages are strange. What are they? The good and The bad

Galharrow was 40. A drunk. Messed up, but i liked him . He did not apologize. 

Save the world then

I am never writing a review on my Phone again. This sucks. My brain is fried!
This is so not a well written review. Sorry book!

I enjoyed and will read more

The republic faces annihilation, despite the vigilance of Galharrow's Blackwings. When a raven tattoo rips itself from his arm to deliver a desperate message, Galharrow and a mysterious noblewoman must investigate a long dead sorcerer's legacy. But there is a conspiracy within the citadel: traitors, flesh-eaters and the ghosts of the wastelands seek to destroy them, but if they cannot solve the ancient wizard's paradox, the Deep Kings will walk the earth again, and all will be lost.

The war with the Eastern Empire ended in stalemate some eighty years ago, thanks to Nall's 'Engine', a wizard-crafted weapon so powerful even the Deep Kings feared it. The strike of the Engine created the Misery - a wasteland full of ghosts and corrupted magic that now forms a No Mans Land along the frontier. But when Galharrow investigates a frontier fortress, he discovers complacency bordering on treason: then the walls are stormed, and the Engine fails to launch. Galharrow only escapes because of the preternatural magical power of the noblewoman he was supposed to be protecting. Together, they race to the capital to unmask the traitors and restore the republic's defences. Far across the Misery a vast army is on the move, as the Empire prepares to call the republic's bluff.


  1. OMG ha ha ha you should write every review on your phone. I'm still laughing, now what was the book about, oh yes it sounds good. ;-)

    1. Omg, ugh!!! Honestly, why are phones so stupid!?

  2. I'm impressed that you did it on your phone

  3. Ha! That's brave - drafting a post on your phone. I can barely type out a tweet without typos.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. I had to let it stand too, as a testament to the evil of phones

  4. I see you didn't have a good time writing the review on your phone. lol

  5. I recently found out about this one and thought it sounded so good

  6. Interesting! I have to really be in the mood for dark books. Have you read Wicked Saints?

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

    1. Nope, but I saw that you had gotten that one

  7. I like this series, not really blown away by it as others have been, but I am looking forward to the third book.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. I did one or two before. Phones succckkkkk

    1. They so do! Kaj is all you could do more if you did it on your phone and I am all, that is so freaking slow!

  9. That cover just scared me. And your wrote a review from your phone?! Good for you. I can't do it.

  10. I remember when this came out - looks really good. Glad you enjoyed, even if you had to write the review on your phone!



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