Wednesday 16 August 2023

Audio: Resonance Surge by Nalini Singh

Book 7 in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series

Author Nalini Singh

Narrated by Angela Dawe

Publication date Aug 15, 2023

Running time 13 hrs 21 min

Paranormal romance /to review

The bears are very, well they are bears. Loud, obnoxious, friendly and protective. You have to love the bears.

A Jack the ripper type is haunting the streets of Moscow. The Marshall family is coming to terms with their ghosts. And a bear is having visions that ends in blood.

Thea is a hidden Marshall. She has love Psy powers, she should have been killed at birth. What a waste of good genes. But she has a powerful twin and he has protected her even as they were separated. And now her twin wants to deal with the bad things their granddad did. And he sends Thea to RU to investigate an institution. Where lowgrade Psy were sent.

As her companion she gets a bear, and we all know how these Psy Changeling books go. He falls for her, she can´t resist him, even if she is Ice herself.

The killer is loose. These two fall in love and lust. Thea is dealing with her own powers and what has happened to her. And dang, her brother Pax sounds so interesting. We also gets bits and pieces of Yakov´s brother Pavel and his mate Arwen.

Another good installation in the series. The ending was rather chilling. I really need the next book because I am hoping it is Pax.

Great narration as always. Angela Dawe makes these books perfect. She is the narrator. Her voices are excellent and I really feel the power of everything

StoneWater bears Pavel and Yakov Stepyrev have been a unit since birth, but now Pavel’s life is veering in a new direction, his heart held in the hands of Arwen Mercant, a Psy empath—and the only man who has ever brought Pavel to his knees. This is it. A point of irrevocable change. For Pavel . . . for Arwen . . . for Yakov . . . and for another pair of twins whose bond has a far darker history.

A low-gradient Psy, Theodora Marshall is considered worthless by everyone but her violently powerful twin, Pax. She is the sole person he trusts in their venomous family to investigate a hidden and terrible part of their family history—an unregistered rehabilitation center established by their grandfather.

Places of unimaginable pain designed to psychically wipe minds, leaving the victims shells of their former selves, the Centers are an ugly vestige of the Psy race’s Silent past. But this Center was worse. Far, far worse. And now Theo must uncover the awful truth—in the company of a scowling bear named Yakov who isn’t about to take a Marshall at face value . . . especially a Marshall who has turned his dreams into chilling nightmares.

Because Yakov is the great-grandson of a foreseer . . . and he has seen Theo die in an unstoppable surge of blood. Night after night after night . . .


  1. Her grandfather was so evil, right?! Hated him and what he did to her. Love the Bears so much! Gangster and mischief bears and all others just make me smile! :)

    1. Grrr that grandfather of hers!!!!!!!
      Oh the gangster bears made me smile so hard

  2. This sounds fun, and cool title too :)

  3. This sounds so good. I will have to pick this series up at some point.

  4. OooOooOoo a chilling ending???

  5. This would be great in audio and great review, bringing it all back.

  6. This was a really good one. YES - would love PAX book... I feel like his book/romance will be the "Kaleb" book of this story arc.

    1. I can totally see that, and I am so intrigued



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