Tuesday 29 August 2023

Carole's Monday Vow to protect

Author: JL Beck & Monica Corwin
Meghan Kelly & Aaron Shedlock
Title: Vow to Protect
Series: Doubeck Crime Family #1
Genre: Dark, Contemporary Romance
Published: August 13, 2021
Where I Got It: Audible

They call me a monster.

Murderous and hateful.

Beautiful but broken.
Nothing can calm the ever raging storm inside of me. As the ruthless leader of the Doubeck family there is a certain standard of brutality I have to uphold.

To be gentle or kind is a weakness I cannot afford.

That is until the day I meet her.

Beautiful, innocent, and so very afraid.

Valentina is a rival family's daughter, and the little temptress has purposely tangled herself in my dark web.

She seeks me out, needing my help, but the price for what she wants will be steep.

Since my father’s death I’ve needed a wife to solidify my family name and this woman has piqued my interest.

We strike a deal intertwining our futures.

I’ll put a ring on her finger, own her body, keep her safe, and kill them all.

I make a vow to protect her at all costs.

That is until her secrets come to light, and I’m left with the choice of becoming the monster she’s only ever heard rumors about.

Who doesn't love a bad good guy? ;) 

Here we follow Valentina and Adrian. They are both part of the mafia world. Adrian has taken over his father's Doubeck family after his death. Val is the daughter of their enemy. When Val has had enough of the abuse and evilness of her forced fiancé, she turns to Adrian for help. They strike a deal that will forever change their lives....Val will marry Adrian and Adrian will forever eliminate Val's fiancé.

PLEASE NOTE - this is a pretty dark story at times. Lots of it is talk like what Sal and his goonies do, but there are scenes of abuse that Val has to go through. 

I felt so bad for Val. She is stuck between an abusive father and an abusive future hubby. I'm shocked it took her that long to be done with it, but she is a victim and it's hard for victims to get the help they need. PLUS she is stuck in the dark mafia world and the cops won't be able to save her.

Honestly, Val needed a therapist. She had been abused for so long and Adrian is not going to fix anything with his magical......love. Even though I hated (and how many times I rolled my eyes at her inner thoughts/etc) how needy she becomes and how weak and fragile.....you can't blame her one bit. If Adrian really cared for her, he would get her a mafia-paid therapist. I imagine they have to have those on retainer lol. 

Adrian was def super Alpha and super "Mine!" But he is a mob boss so it is to be expected. However, he does encourage her to do her own thing and buy what she wants and etc. Which good! Granted he wants her to have protection which she really should. Her father wants her back...her ex wants her dead or back (I really don't get him)....and I'm sure others will be gunning for her now that she is his wife. He did get a little annoying with the "Angel" thing though. Give her a different nickname. 

WHICH brings me to my big issue, this felt so repetitive at some points. Same convos...same inner monologue. Sighs. It felt like we had a lot of filler. 

And that end...WTH?????? You can't leave us like that! From what I read of the summary of the second book she is going to overreact and whatnot. It's going to annoy me, but I'm going to want to read it.

The narrators were okay. I liked the guy voice for everyone much more than the female voice. Her Val was too whiney for me. 

Overall, I enjoyed this. It was pretty dark esp with Val's ex. *shudders* I have a feeling book 2 will be pretty predictable, but I am curious so I'll eventually do the audio of it. I'll give this 3 stars. 


- #34 for Audiobook challenge


  1. A mafia paid therapist. Not sure I would trust that therapist since they would probably go and tell the husband everything she said to them.

    1. yeaaah they would need some serious NDAs lol



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