Friday 6 March 2009

The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

The Greatest Knight

This is the story about the greatest knight that ever lived, William Marshal. Born in the 12th century he rose from a penniless knight to an influential man of his time. He saved queen Eleanor of Aquitane and became a tutor to her children. But every star must fall and not all at court liked him, and rumours were spread. He had to flee from court, but he always tread a path that lead him to success.

It's a story about a real person, and Chadwick mixes historical facts with fiction on how things could have happened.

There is also a second book called The Scarlett Lion, and there we again meet an older William, trying to hold it all together while as always there is fighting around him in England.

So why did I not like this book?! I love Chadwick, but I fear it was because this was based on truth and I could just look up what was going to happen. Who would die, who would marry who and all that. I am not particularly fond of books like this.

Yes it was a great book and Chadwick knows how to write historical fiction. She makes it a world i would like to live in. In that this is a good book, something all historical lovers should read.

Could it be because it's from a mans point of view? I am used to reading her books from a woman point, and I didn't really warm up to William. That and the fact that I knew how things would work out made it a bit boring. There wasn't that much love either, and I love love in Chadwick's books, it was mostly about how he served a lord after a lord, tournaments and frictions with the Plantagenet princes.

Not the Chadwick book for me even though it was good. I am such a picky reader.

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  1. I'm happy for your honest review. Even though I loved this book, it's nice to read a review that contradicts my own. I can understand not being use to the book being narrated by a man, I'm not use to that either I liked your review. Based on the review, I decided to become a follower! I can't wait for your upcoming reviews.



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