Tuesday 24 March 2009

Hush: An Irish princess tale by Donna Jo Napoli

I didn't finish this book. I read at the end that it was based on this old Icelandic tale about a Irish princess that gets taken as a slave, and then becomes the concubine of her master, and she never utters a word. Sounds interesting so I borrowed it.

So I started it anyway (even though I had doubts about a happy ending), I hadn't read a YA book in a while. I do know a lot about the 900th century, Iceland and Ireland, but does everyone? She could have explained more.

Then I got this bad feeling and decided to look at the end, and the middle. Violence and rapes, and this is meant for teens. Ok, perhaps, but when Melkorka learns to understand the man who did it, and like him.. No that is where I decided to stop reading. That is not right.

The end left you cold too, the worst most have been yet to come. Ok she could have followed the tale, but made exceptions or something. I just didn't have what it took to finish this book.


  1. It does sound interesting (mute Irish princess becomes concubine ...) but your review and inability to finish it will keep me away. I'm also warned in case my daughter (YA fanatic!) picks it up. Thanks for your honest assessment!

  2. I know, i thought I would have liked it, but I guess that I felt it was too much for YA. But as an adult book it could have been dealt with better.

    Still I can't speak for all, I just tell it like it was for me.

  3. I did read this book - and i will admit i don't do a lot of YA - but i agree with you, this one was too violent for a YA tag...

    I thought it was a bit slow as well, but i slogged on - my honest opinion - different.

    Keep it on your TBR list and revisit it in a couple months.


  4. I know, for a YA book it just didn't suit me. There I get for reading my first YA book in ages.

    Good of you to keep going though, I just couldn't. At the moment it just felt wrong, but if you say so then I will maybe come back to it later.

    I do guess that I would have liked a grown up version so much better. There things would have made sense. Now I just got this feeling in the pit of my stomach.



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