Friday 1 May 2009

Invisible - Kimber Chin

Invisible by Kimber Chin

Millionaire Hagen Rayner has 14 business days to find the deed to his great uncle's estate, and if he doesn't find it by that time he will loose it and everything inside it to his cousin. But it isn't as easy as that, in his uncle's will he states that Hagen must take a woman with him. A certain Meave that Hagen sees as his uncles gold digging mistress.

Maeve Delaney knows how to make people disappear, and by doing it means cutting all ties to the past. That also mean the broad shouldered annoying man she is forced to work with to respect the last wish of a man he was kind to her.

Hagen dislikes her at once because he thinks that she must have been his uncle's mistress, which of course isn't the case. But the dislike is there until he slowly gets to know her, and I do understand why he would think so, and I don't mind it. She doesn't really explain what her relationship was with Birger either. She sees this as a forced companionship and she wants to get out quickly.

I read that it is said to be Mystery/Contemporary Romance. And that fits, it's a mystery with suspense and a lot of romance and tension thrown into it. Because the tension sure grows between them and I am waiting for it to explode.

Maeve comes across as both insecure and so strong at the same time. She has things in her past that is haunting her and she finds it hard to trust Hagen. She is often described as a pixie, and I can see her good in my mind. I really warm up to her. And I keep wishing for her to trust and let go, and perhaps be happy.

Hagen is this big guy with Danish blood, they sure make an interesting match in my eyes. I do come to like him, but as Maeve is insecure I get insecure to, cos among the first pages we meet a woman from his past. His cousins wife who I sure don't like her, a bitch without a doubt, just as his cousin is a creep and idiot.

The hunt for the deed takes them everywhere and puts them in danger. There is mystery and there is suspense, and don't forget about the romance. Then there is passages that make me ache and feel for them.

Hagen didn’t have a choice. Worthy or not, he was all she had. He wouldn’t fail her again. Hagen sighed with acceptance, lying down beside her. Maeve shimmied on top of him, and he wrapped her in his arms. “Keep me safe,” was whispered into his bare chest.

Kimber did ask me if I though Nikolay (you'll meet him in the story) should have a story of his own, and to this I say yes. I forgot about it as I read but then when I looked back I started to really like the idea.

It was like a scene out of a freakin’ Russian Good Fellas. Men in expensive European suits eating salt herring and smoking cigars, young bouncy waitresses with short skirts and long, long legs.

And he is said to be gorgeous so yes :)

received a copy for a review


  1. Wonderful review. This story sounds both thrilling and romantic.

  2. Hi Barbara :)
    It had a bit for everyone in it. And that is always nice

  3. Great review! I like mystery/romance combos..

  4. Hi Blodeuedd!

    I loved the review, romance, suspense, hunt for treasure (well, a will that I hope means treasure) -- all good. Invisible sounds like something to add to by mountain of books.

    I'll have to look around my library and see if it's available. I love a good mystery with a little romance.

    Dottie :)

  5. Hi Mandi,
    Yes it's always a fun genre and mix :)

    A will would mean a treasure :) I'd sure want a big house ;)



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