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Review: Gentlemen prefer Succubi - Jill Myles

Gentlemen prefer Succubi by Jill Myles
The Succubus diaries, book 1

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 329
Published: 2009

Who knew an angel could get a girl in so much devilish trouble?

Jackie Brighton woke up in a dumpster this morning, and her day has only gotten weirder. Her breasts grew overnight, her sex drive is insatiable, and apparently she had her first one-night stand ever . . . with a fallen angel.

Of course, she only remembers gorgeous Noah’s enormous, er, package. And their steamy shower sex. Hmm . . . and the dark stranger whose bite transformed her into an immortal siren with a seductive Itch.

With help from Noah and fellow succubus Remy Summore, Jackie adapts to her new lifestyle—until she accidentally strikes a deal that sends her lover into the deadly clutches of the vampire queen and lands Jackie, Remy, and the queen’s wickedly hot right-hand man into the middle of a fierce battle for an ancient halo.

But how’s a girl supposed to save the world when the enemy’s so hard to resist

I really enjoyed this book, yay good paranormal romance. I am usually kind of meh about it ever since I found UF. But this one saved PR for me.

This is the story of Jackie Brighton who wakes up in a dumpster. She remembers a hunky guy but that is it, soon changes are happening. Big boobs, shiny pretty hair and men following her with their tongues hanging out. She is a succubi, doomed to have sex, or else that itch will just kill her. Not so good when she is not a one night stand kind of girl, well except for that one time.

First there is the history that I really enjoyed. There are the Serim, angels that fell from heaven and were cursed cos they slept with mortal women. Then there are the vampires, fallen angels that wanted their wings back. Both are cursed, both are pissed, and in the middle there are succubi with a sexlust like a vampire's need for feeding, and with the sex coming from the Serim curse. There are also those real angels, and they seem to be assholes, and demons (guess I will meet those later.)

I was a bit worried that I would not like Jackie, her being sexcrazed and all. But she was cool, and silly, totally clueless, and she wanted sex to mean something. Yes as long as she stays like that I will like her.

Then there is her new best friend, Remy Summore, a pRonstar (hiding from spammers here they have been on me like crazy!), and the only succubi in town. And she has no problem with sleeping around to take care of the Itch, and she was just cool.

But let me introduce you to the men, first there is Noah, the angel, and there this Zane, the vampire. Noah helps her out in the beginning since he accidentally helped create her, scratching that Itch in many ways. Then she meets Zane when she gets in trouble and have to find an ancient halo. Oh Zane, mmm, yes I fell for the bad boy in this one. The next book has him on the cover and he is a hottie. But then I never did like those blond angel guys. I hope she gets Zane hehe.

Great history, hot guys, a hilarious friend, a heroine getting in trouble, and a hunt in Egypt for a lost halo. Could it get better?

Jill Myles has created a new fun paranormal romance series, The succubus diaries is something I would like to read more of. Luckily for me there is a other book out, and book 3 is coming later this year. I guess succubi do have all the fun.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Nice, but I wish he had dark hair *dreamy eyes*
Reason for reading: Own book.
Final thoughts: Funny, and hunky guys.


  1. This is a cute book..I liked it too..but I liked the second one even more :) How do you choose between those two guys? ;)

  2. B,

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one. :) I have the sequel on the shelf - hoping to get to it soon. :)

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Stacy
    It was great :) I wonder what happens in the next

    Even more!? That sounds promising. And yes how to choose, love to have both

    I sure hope to get to read that one one day too :D

  4. I really enjoyed these books. Occasionally I wanted to smack Jackie, but I got over it! And Noah and Zane - nom nom nom!!

  5. Patti,
    Lol, I usually have little tolerance, but with Jackie, well truthfully I am sure I would have made the same mistakes so I forgave her :)

  6. this sounds very good, and fun title :)
    great review.

  7. Hi B:

    Wonderful review! I've heard so much about this book and have it on my TBB. *sigh* I guess I should move it further up the never ending list eh? lol

    Seriously, thanks for sharing and am happy you enjoyed so much.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Ok, if I start reading m/f again... :D

  9. Great review, hon! This book is on my wishlist for a while now. I'm glad this PNR did it for you again :)

  10. I'll take the shiny hair and the men drooling after me, but not the big boobs!! LOL!! I loved your fun review and you've almost convinced me to read a PR!!!!

  11. Naida,
    Lol, I know, really fun title.

    I wish you a nice weekend too :)
    Oh that TBR pile, I make changes in it constantly. Some move up, others move down.

    I could always trick you with some Zane and Noah action ;)

    I was very happy to see that PNR is still great :D Thank you Jill Myles!

    Haha, I am happy with mine as they are, but oh man the shiny hair!

  12. Nice review! I've heard about this book before and though it seemed good I just couldn't make myself buy it. After reading your review, I think I will order it :)

  13. Host,
    I hope you will love it too :D The guys are hot, the loving is good, and jackie is so, well normal in a way

  14. I've had this author on my wish list for a while but she fell by the wayside....however, after reading your great review, Blodeuedd, my interested has been re-kindled. Thanks!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Hugs, VFG

  15. I have this one on my TBR and I really should find the tim eto read it. Great review hon!

  16. VFG
    Yay, good, I just liked it so much, best PNR I have read, well such a long time that I can't even remember.

    Wishing you a great weekend too!

    Yup you sure should, one just haev to enjoy this one

  17. Hey Sweetie!

    Now this book sounds cute and sexy...I just might have to go buy this one.

    I hope you find time to drop by Jes'...she's announced you as the first place winner in her contest! Woo hoo and congrat's you get a persoanlized leather book cover darlin'! But you need to go over and claim it from her and then send a photo of what you want tooled on it!

    You're going to love it!


  18. I actually do think this goes on my wishlist! Great review, B!

    I'm not to keen on the cover though, but then again I don't like any covers in that kind of style.

  19. I haven't read this, I will be adding it to my Friday Find! That way it goes on my *wishlist* :)



  20. Hi hawk
    Hihi, was it silly of me to have a sneaking suspicion I had won :) Well I did, and I waited for that post to show up and I was right, yay!!

    Not too keen either, but that is just me and my aversion for blonds

    Yes perfect Friday find :)

  21. I have heard good things about this one - Glad it worked or you...

    Now to read the next one in the series..


  22. EH
    It worked great, I was thrilled :) Yup the next day



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