Friday 23 April 2010

Review: The Italian's Inexperienced mistress - Lynne Graham

The Italian's Inexperienced mistress by Lynne Graham

Pages: 192
Published: 2007
Genre: Contemporary romance

When Angelo Riccardi sought revenge Gwenna Hamilton added another, delicious dimension. Innocent and pretty, she had no chance when the Italian tycoon offered her the devil's bargain: pay for her father's freedom with her body.

In her naivete, Gwenna thought that Angelo would tire of her and her innocence very quickly. But he had more in mind than just one night…

Ok, I am gonna try some sort some short review thing for this one...but first, harlequin presents titles crack me up, lol.

Angelo Ricardo: Italian playboy tycoon out after revenge, coldhearted.
Gwenna Hamilton: Totally naive, and a sweetheart.
Her dad: An idiot who swindles money.

Seek revenge on Hamilton and make him pay, and in comes Gwenna, new plan, destroy her in search of revenge by making her his mistress.

Good parts:
It was really short, and took now time at all to read, which I needed since it has been hectic.
And she did tell him like it was now and again, she wasn't meek, just silly.

Bad parts:
Really?! A virgin and she decides to become a mistress to save her dad?! Not to mention that she is more or less his slave then, but of course he falls for her cos she is so sweet, and naive. And of course she falls for him. And how can she be so clueless in this day and age. She is just too sweet.

Final thoughts:
But then Harlequin is silly, and the plots do not have to make sense. I am just saying, half way through it I said that it would totally end with a pregnancy and..well find out.

So, if you want something short then this is it.


  1. Hi B!

    Excellent review, lol, short, sweet, and to the point, just like the book. I've read this one too, HQN sent it as a free read, so I took a peek, and had the same reaction as you. It's not my normal read, but every once in a while, I have to step outside the box, lol!

    Dottie :)

  2. Those titles are always so over-the-top!

  3. Short story? I enjoy them, but this sounds a little bit too much for me. I dont like the sound of it, and the girl sounds a little bit too sweet.LOL. Great honest review!

  4. All I can say I just love naive innocent virgin heroines. I know - I'm in the minority these days :) I liked this one!

  5. Virgins and pregnancies make me scream! ;)
    Very nice short review, hon!

  6. I know! Those titles are freaking hilarious. But they must work, if they keep using them.

    Sometimes I love Presents, sometimes they drive me nuts. But they are def. nice if you want something short.

  7. Oh your review made me laugh...I totally agree with you about the title of this one!!

  8. Hi Dottie,
    Thanks, yup have to make them short one in a while too, and I mean this one was so short anyway so it fitted.

    They never seizes to amaze me ;)

    Nope, a book, just Harlequin short.
    Oh she was way to sweet.

    haha, well good for you. Then this book was sure perfect for you. I mean I like them too, but in this book, this age, no

  9. Janna,
    Virgins and pregnancies, yes scary stuff. Worse then horror books ;)

    I so needed something short. When you are busy and all and just want to read, then voila :)
    The titles are sure eye catching so that works for them, but they are so silly.

    My work is done for the day then, got someone to laugh :)

  10. A virgin slave! And of course she falls in love..LOL

    Cute review :)

  11. I dont really read Harlequins, but from what I have read, they tend to be short and sweet like this one.
    Nice review!

  12. How can you resist a Harlequin -...

    They are quick - they hit the spot and they get you out of a funk like nothing else.

    I read at least three a week..


  13. Doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but I like this new style of reviewing-- it makes it very easy to read.

  14. Okay, I think I have to go buy this one! After reading the "tycoon" books, I think I might be getting addicted to these ridiculous Harlequin books! Oh no!

  15. Mandi
    The funny thing is that the next book I picked up had...yes a virgin slave too? What are the odds?!

    Lol, they sure are, and I am not complaining, I need that sometime :=D

    3! Nice work. I really should bring some here, cos like you say they are perfect to get you out of a funk.

  16. DC
    Oh, cool :) Perhaps I should use it a bit more often. It was perfect cos I was in a hurry, and it's easier to write, and surely read too.

    Haha, addicted, well I guess they are so so, that it just happens. You gotta have those Tycoons, Billionaires and all the rest, and their virgin mistresses and pregnant somethings ;)

  17. LOL - I see your point on the virgin...a little far fetched...if you ask me. I think I'll pass this time...I like plots that are more reality based. And I don't think a girl goes from being a virgin to a mistress...Possibly a virgin to a waitress to save her father... yes...but not a mistress.

    Thanks for the review!

  18. I've never read any Harlequin because they seemed so silly. But I should broaden my horizons, right? They are really popular. Thanks for the review!

  19. Hawk
    I guess in all her sweetness she saw it as the only way, but nah nothing made sense in that book. Then again it is Harlequin ;)

    Lol, I started reading them when I was 10, it was my first brush with adult books and oh yes so silly sometimes. But I guess you could try one one day

  20. Haha I think the fact that it's a Harlequin book necessarily requires a suspension of disbelief.

    All the books with Latin lovers have the same formula, with slight character changes or some plot mechanisms thrown in along the way, but well, that's really not why people read them!

    Haha, I do enjoy my occasional Harlequin, although I just download them these days.

  21. Haha, I think the fact that it's a Harlequin book automatically necessitates a suspension of disbelief. The books are formulaic, especially anything with a Latin lover in it, but people who read Harlequin aren't reading them for their literary merit.

    That said, I do enjoy my occasional Harlequin :D

  22. I have this one, but I'm not sure when/if I'll get around to it.

  23. Sumthin
    Lol, so true! But yes we do tend to enjoy them now and again, sure they got all that, but they are so easy, and easy can be lovely

    Perhaps if you need a really quick read one dya



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