Thursday 13 October 2011

Review: Mr. Darcy's Bite - Mary Lydon Simonsen + I am guest blogging

Genre: Pride and Prejudice variation
Pages: 352
Published: October 1, 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Source. For review

Elizabeth comes to realize that she loves him in both his incarnations, and all his servants protect his secret. But then Elizabeth must confront a shocking danger to her beloved with every full moon, when Darcy is alone and exposed to those who hate wolves...

My thoughts:
The blurb did have me thinking that someone was after werewolves and that there would be danger and so on. But there was not anything like that in this book. No, this book is about Darcy and Lizzie being in love, but Darcy never proposes. Something is wrong and Lizzie is growing restless. He obviously likes her so what is the matter?!

This is where the drama comes in, he is a werewolf and of course she is shocked to learn the truth. Who would not be? She is not really prepared for anything like this so there is a shaky times when she tries to come term with it, and then there is another lady who wants Darcy too. Which brings some extra tension to the book. But we all know they will end up together, that is always promised.

Honestly, yes I can see Darcy as a werewolf. That explains somethings in a way and it just fits him. Especially when we get to see him as a wolf, there is just a playful side to him that does not always come out when he is human. He is just a great alpha.

It was another sweet book. They got to know each other, there were a few misunderstandings, and everyone lived happily ever after. 

If you want something extra in your JA variation then go for this one, you will love Mr. Darcy as a werewolf.




I am over at Vivienne's blog today reviewing Dearly Departed by Lia Habel

Love can never die. Love conquers all, so they say. But can Cupid’s arrow pierce the hearts of the living and the dead—or rather, the undead? Can a proper young Victorian lady find true love in the arms of a dashing zombie? 

Serendipity Reviews

I am also guestblogging today about my top 5 books over at Book Lovers Inc. Do stop by cos they are celebrating with lots of awesome contests :D You can even win something if you comment on my post all thanks to BLI

Can you guess which book is nr 1? ;)

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  1. I really enjoyed this one as well, especially since you got to see Darcy's playful side...even though he was wolf.

  2. You are all over the blogging world today. Thanks for today hun. A fab post.

  3. Hmm, Darcy as a werewolf... that might explain a few things ;-)

  4. First Darcy as a vampire and now as a werewolf? Goodness me, this madness has to stop. LOL

    Don't know if I could see Darcy as a vampire either, but it could be fun to pretend.

  5. I'm reading this book right now and am enjoying it so far. Glad you liked it, too. I'm glad it's a werewolf this time and not a vampire; something new!

  6. You seem to be finding great variations on Darcy. I'd love to see him as a werewolf! Off to check out the guest blog!

  7. A perfect review for full moon - like tonight! :) You are very busy visiting friends my lady!

  8. Hmm, Mr. Darcy as a werewolf. Have to wrap my head around that one.

    You're quite the popular one in the blogosphere!

  9. sounds cute!! if it's steampunk, i think i would enjoy it :)

  10. Serena
    The playful side was the best :D I just loved how he ran around and jumped and awwwww

    Lol, it is not the first time. For some reason when I am somewhere, I am always somewhere else too

    Yes it would ;)

    He is a zombie too you know ;) Oh that poor MR Darcy, he truly is everything. Maybe he will be a robot and alien soon too

    I liked it too, werewolves are just so nice..well sort of when they are not eating raw meat

  11. Sounds like a really fun twist on the Darcy story!

  12. DC
    I know right :D

    Mmm indeed

    I saw a pic this week of a bookstore where they had a shelf for these books. heaven!

    No wonder when I was out for my walk the only thing I thought about was that it was perfect werewolf weather ;)

    It is more that I can't say no, lol, not that I want to either

    That would be the zombie one then

  13. I like the premise of most JA books you review, but this one really leaves me cold. Just visited with you on your top 5 blog.

  14. I'm not that crazy about the cover at all, but I can't wait to read this one!

  15. Oh I need to read this one...

    Why Mr. Darcy! You need a shave! :D

    This one really does sound fun!

  16. I'm not a big fan of werewolves. I like Angels. :)

  17. You know this is so weird. I was thinking there should be a book out there with Mr. Darcy as a vampire, but werewolf works just as well. ;D Great review! Now I need to go visit your other posts. :)

  18. I can totally see Darcy as a werewolf. Heading over to read your guest blog now :)

  19. Hmmm interesting twist on the classic. I still love me some Darcy after all this time! Great thoughts :)

  20. I'll have to add this one to my list. I always love these type of sequels.

  21. Kimba
    It was :)

    I sure love my JA books

    It must have hit me before about your name...yes I do think so or else I have had a blackout

    I hope you like it :D

    Hihi, I like him like this ;)

  22. This is one I'd like to read. I adore the cover as well.

  23. Although not my first choice, I know how well Simonsen writes. Her characters and story always suck (ha-ha) me in. Thanks for the review and recommendation :)

  24. Darlene
    I do love MR Darcy :)

    True, she does have that gift :D

  25. I like seeing Darcy in these variations. This one does sound good.
    I'm reading Dearly Departed as well.
    Congrats on the guestblog, i'll have to check that out.

  26. Darcy as a werewolf sounds mighty interesting to me :)

  27. Naida
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Dearly soon :)

    I know, yum indeed

  28. Oh what fun! I've never seen a JA variation that actually has a paranormal twist to it! :-D I like the thought. I'm putting it on my TBR list right now! :-D

    Now I'm heading over to your review at Vivienne's blog. :-D



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