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Author Interview and Giveaway: Mia Marlowe

Today I am interviewing Mia Marlowe :)


1. Tell me about yourself.
Mia:  I’m a wife, mother, dog lover and word drunkard. I adore the art of telling stories, in whatever form that takes. I can’t watch a movie without ticking off plot points. It’s really irritating to anyone sitting near me. 

Oh! You mean tell you about myself as an author. Well, my work was featured in the Best/Worst of 2010 PEOPLE magazine. I’ll let you guess whether it was a best or a worst. ;-) One of my books is on display at the Museum of London Docklands next to the Johnny Depp memorabilia. My recent Plaid Tidings is up for Best Scottish Historical 2013 RTBOOKReviews Reviewers’ Choice Award. Between a Rake and a Hard Place is my 24th book and I have ever so many more stories buzzing in my head!  

2. Your new book is called Between a Rake and a Hard Place. Tell me about the book too :)
Mia: Lady Serena has made a list of forbidden pleasures—sort of a Regency bucket list—of things she’d like to do before the accepts the proposal her father is certain will be forthcoming from the Duke of Kent. Sir Jonah Sharp has been tasked with making sure she’s out of the running for royal duchess, but ends up helping her tick items off her list of pleasures instead. The story starts with Lady Serena, chafing in male attire and sneaking into Boodles, an exclusively male coffee house. If you’d like to try a bit, here’s a link to an excerpt: 

3. Will there be more books in the series?
Mia: No, this is the last. The underlying premise of the books is the very real “Hymen Race Terrific.” No joke. That’s what the tabloids called it at the time. In 1818, when the succession was in doubt, 3 royal dukes went a-courting to see who could be first to present King George III with a legitimate grandchild. So, the Royal Rakes series called for 3 royal dukes, 3 eligible young ladies and 3 rakes to interfere with the royal wooing. The other titles are: Waking Up with a Rake and One Night with a Rake. I hope you’ll love them all!

4.How is it writing a book with someone else (Connie Mason)?
Mia: When it’s someone as gracious as Connie Mason, it’s wonderful. She and I first met at the 2006 RT Convention. I was totally star-struck and never dreamed I’d be collaborating with her only a few years later. Between a Rake and a Hard Place is our final book together and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been paired up with Connie.  

5. What is coming next from you?
Mia: Once Upon a Plaid (October 2014, Kensington) is a story that was inspired by my sister, who served as a gestational surrogate for a childless couple. Her experience got me thinking about how couples dealt with childlessness before IVF procedures, surrogates or even legal adoption. At the beginning of my story, Lady Katherine has abandoned Lord William, convinced she needs to seek an annulment so he’ll be free to find a wife who can give him the heir he needs. William, however, has other plans…   

Then in November 2014, I’m starting a new series with Sourcebooks called Somerfield Park. In A Rake by Any Other Name, Lord Hartley’s family insists he must marry Sophie Goodnight, a fabulous heiress, for the good of his father’s crumbling estate. Unfortunately, neither he nor Miss Goodnight are the biddable sort.  

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1 copy of Between a rake and a hard place

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Lady Serena's List of Forbidden Pleasures
Attend an exclusively male club.
Smoke a cigar.
Have a fortune told by gypsies.
Dance the scandalous waltz.

Sir Jonah Sharp thinks Lady Serena Osbourne will be just like any other debutante, and seducing her will be one of the easiest services he's ever done for the Crown. Then he catches her wearing trousers and a mustache in his gentleman's club and she demands he teach her to smoke a cigar. But what will truly be Jonah's undoing is finding out he's an item on her list too, which makes him determined to bring her all the forbidden pleasures she can handle.

Mia Marlowe is the award winning historical romance author of the Touch of Seduction Series and various Rock*It Reads. She lives in Boston. Connie Mason is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels. She was named Storyteller of the Year in 1990 and received a Career Achievement Award from RT Book Reviews in 1994. She currently lives in Florida. Together, Mia and Connie have written Sins of the Highlander, Lord of Fire and Ice, Lord of Devil Isle and the other books in the Royal Rakes Series: Waking Up with a Rake and One Night with a Rake. For more information, please visit

To Purchase Between a Rake and a Hard Place:


  1. Oooo yay historical romance! I'm in the mood for one of those right now, I will definitely check this series out!

  2. Great interview! And I just love the titles of these books, besides they also sound fun! :D

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  3. Wonderful interview and I love the bucket-list. I am anxious to read Between A Rake and A Hard Place.
    kimbacaffeinated at gmail (dot) com

  4. it's nice to know sometimes that se series is finished, like that I can read all of them at once lol.

  5. I wouldn't mind being between that rake and a hard place. What a sense of humor she has. I haven't ever seen an author admit to being a drunkard! Love it!

  6. Great interview! Looks like a good read.

  7. I really like Regency novels, especially those with bucket lists as it sounds like Nine Rules to Romance a Rake which was a favorite of mine. I'll have to check out this upcoming novel soon. Thanks for putting it on my radar! :)

    1. I liked Mclean too :D I have seen a bucket list somewhere else too but can't remember the name

  8. Fun and funny interview. I like the term "word drunkard." The book sounds great. I'd like to win a copy.
    Liglesias3 at gmail dot com

  9. Love the interview! She sounds like she has a great sense of humor. I also love the sound of the book. I've been in the mood for a good historical!

  10. Hymen Race Terrific? ROFL!!!

    Anyway, her upcoming book is intriguing. That is a good plot esp back in the day where having kids is very important.

    P.S. I got my prezzie today, thanks!

  11. I love that title. lol. Sounds wonderful. Thank you!

  12. I loved the series she wrote with Connie. Don't enter me as I've already read the book.

  13. I love historical romances! This sounds great! (I loved your Touch of a Thief!)

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  15. I love the historical background for these stories!
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  17. Oooh sounds good will definitely have to check into the other books as well.

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  18. Sounds fun. I love the regency bucket list idea,

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  19. Thanks for the interview & excerpt! Congratulations to Mia on the nomination re: Plaid Tidings!

  20. Thanks everyone for stopping by! :)

  21. Haha "word drunkard" love it! I am too. :-) Between a Rake and a Hard Place looks awesome!

  22. To think that the newspapers were that naughty back then too

  23. Love historicals and this one sounds really good! Thanks for the chance to win it.

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  25. I love historical romances, this is definitely on my Wish list!

  26. This book sounds really good. I love the storyline and the fact that it is a historical romance. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  27. thanks everyone for stopping by :)

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