Saturday, 19 July 2014

Book Blog Walkers Weekly Check-in July 18 2014

This challenge is organized by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog.

Saturday 4 km bike and 15 min walk
Sunday - 1,5 hour walk
Monday - 30 min walk
Tuesday - 1,5 hour walk
Wednesday -5 km bike and 30 min walk
Thursday - 6 km bike and 30 min walk
Friday 45 min walk

This has been a lazy week.

Tuesday's walk

I have been experiencing lower back pain and after my face felt like it would explode one day, I have been doing this 30 min routine every morning. Different back exercises.  It's easy when I am vacation, I hope to keep it up.


  1. Great job this week! Back pain sucks, but thanks for sharing these lovely pics from your walk. :)

    1. Thanks!
      I know, blergh. Dunno where it comes from either. Soft bed? Sleeping too long? My back does not like that

  2. It's a beautiful country over there, I'm so envious! Hope your pain gets better.


    1. I do like it :=)

      The exercises are miracles! No pain at all during the day when I do them

  3. get better soon and enjoy your summer holiday!

  4. Keep doing the exercises!! Enjoy your vacation!

  5. I hope you're able to get your back pain under control. I had to quit running because of it but I've found a routine that works for me and I've been able to get back to exercising again (but not running)

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Walking is always good for my back, but these exercises takes the pan away all day. And it's so much better now.

      Running was never for me, my knees do not like it, never has

  6. Hope back pain is gone, and lovely pics!

    1. Thanks :) Well I keep doing those exercises to warm up my back

  7. Hope your back gets better! Again, beautiful pictures :)


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