Thursday 1 September 2016

Sword and Sorceress Anthology

They roam through fantasy landscapes - women who wield a sword in their sisters' defense or work magic passed down through generations. They are many heroines of SWORD AND SORCERESS - brave women who have adopted the daring roles so often deemed to be the exclusive province of men.

Join Diana L Paxson, Esther M Friesner, Rosemary Edghill, Leslie Fish, Dorothy j Heydt and their fellow spell-weavers as they carry on Marion Zimmer Bradley's proud, feminist tradition in the twenty-three original, swashbuckling and magical stories of SWORD AND SORCERESS XXI, where:

A family of thieves is sorely disappointed by their daughter's wizarding ambitions...

A warrior with amnesia is taught a lesson she could never have learned if she remembered her past...

A girl is turned down by a school of magic because of her sex, only to become the disciple of a far more powerful mentor...

An arrogant mage is taught that even the most powerful of sorcerers sometimes needs the help of material weapons...

My thoughts:
Most were pretty boring and I could have dnfed, but then you never know if there will be a good ones since they are all shorts.

I honestly do not remember anything or any names, I only wrote down thoughts after the two fist ones. I did remember like 2 other ones only cos they were good.

"Dawn and Dusk," by Dana Kramer-Rolls
I liked this one, a nice feel to it

"Spell of the Sparrow," by Jim C. Hines

"The Woman's Place," by Susan Urbanek Linville; "Kin," by Naomi Kritzer; "Ursa," by Jenn Reese; "Red Caramae," by Kit Wesler; "Parri's Blade," by Cynthia McQuillin, = I can't even remember these

"Sun Thief," by K. A. Laity,
Ohh, Finnish mythology. No it was not only cos of that that I liked it, but I did. It was a good short that had me hooked.

"Lostland," by Rosemary Edghill; No memory of this one

"Plowshares," by Rebecca Maines, 
This one I remember having promise

"Step by Step," by Catherine Soto; "Favor of the Goddess," by Lynn Morgan Rosser, "Rose in Winter," by Marie M. Longhin, "Kazhe's Blade," Terry McGarry, =what?

"The Skin Trade," by Heather Rose Jones, 
This one could have been a good fantasy book, it had an interesting concept.

"Multiple Choice," by Leslie Fish, "Oulu," by Aimee Kratts, "A Kind of Redemption," by John P. Buentello, and "Journey's End," by Dorothy J. Heydt. The one two-page poem, "Sword and Sorceress," is by Jennifer G. Tifft. =yup, nothing

I honestly skimmed most. The good ones did not outweigh the bad ones. So...90% bad. I do not recommend it, except for the few good ones.

Paperback, 308 pages
Published November 2nd 2004 by DAW
Sword and Sorceress #21


  1. Too bad on this one! Disappointing that the good contributions to this anthology weren't enough to outweigh the bad...

  2. God! That's too disappointing! 😭😭😭

  3. Hope your next read is better :)

  4. Too bad, sometimes anthologies rock and I discover new authors.

  5. When you start skimming a book, you know you've lost interest :/

  6. Heh... Not good when you can't remember anything! :)

  7. Hardly worth your time, it seems. :/

  8. I don't often do anthologies, but I like the sound of a collection inspired by the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. There are So many in this series, and I would not say they remind me of her books either

  9. You tried - skimming is necessary.

  10. Thus is my issue and why I don't read an awful amount of anthologies...some are crap.

  11. That's too bad. But you're right... with all these shorts, it's hard to DNF because you think... the next one will be worth it!

  12. Oh too bad. I hate when that happens. Luckily I have rarely had that happen in an anthology.



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