Wednesday 31 August 2016

Heat of the Night - Charlotte Lamb

Heat of the night
Being engaged to a world famous film star might sound very glamorous and romantic - but it wasn't as Vicki had learned the hard way when her relationship with Miller went sour, Now she wanted a chance to regain equilibrium away from the glare of publicity - and what better place to do it than that most beautiful of cities, Florence? The only flaw in the arrangement was the enigmatic Ricco Salvatore who made no secret of his apparent attraction to her. But how could Vicki take him seriously when he always had the glamorous Bianca in tow?

Hide and seek
She could resist love but not blackmail!

Donna had fled to Paris when she discovered that she'd been deceived by her father's business assistant, Brodie Fox. Now she was enjoying a new life there as a translator.

But her father's illness and her twin brother Gavin's serious predicament had brought Brodie back into her life.

Donna could save her family--by accepting Brodie's offer, one that had more to do with business than with love. Or she could save herself. She had to choose.... 

My thoughts:
Heat of the Night
I really do not remember these being so silly, people are arguing all the time! Vicky just keeps going and going, honestly why does no one stop and explain things! But gods, they are still so amusing.

It also had the fastest ending. It was wrapped up between them in 5 minutes, but left SO many loose endings. Not to mention that before that she and Rocco had argued constantly for 180 pages. And then they were in love and lived happily ever after. LOl, so amusing.

Hide and Seek
How can these be so badly good? They are so silly. Again there is a couple that does nothing else than argue for 99,99% of the book. Accusations are thrown, things are never explained, and when they are they are not believed. And then boom in the last page all is forgiving and I am all wtf. LOL

I see these as a 80s soap opera. So much over the top drama. Just read the explain of the previous book and there is this one again.

But amusingly bad, which makes them good, cos omg, you will read it like i under 2 hours. 

Paperback,  384 pages
Published February 1993 by Mills & Boon (80s something)
Contemporary romance


  1. Never heard of this one before, but I'm glad that it was amusing, even if it was bad.

  2. I grew up watching Santa Barbara (yeah, not very healthy, Mom), so this should feel sort of familiar and comforting to me.

    1. I watched soaps here and there, but always grew bored when nothing happened

  3. lol I don't think I've read anything that I could compare to 80s soap opera. I know exactly what you mean though :D

  4. OMG. I HAVE AN ENTIRE LIBRARY OF CHARLOTTE LAMB'S BOOKS. I must show it to you some time. I love all the arguing! She's a pro at it. Lol.

    1. No way! Haha, must be like me and my many many barbara cartland books

  5. I don't think I'd like this one, but then at the same time... sometimes you just want something amusingly bad. LOL

    1. I was ill, no excuse ;) But it was nice with light and silly

  6. I loved 80's soaps. Maybe I'd like this :)

  7. Well, at least they are short stories. I don't know how much I could take of a couple doing nothing but arguing :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. That much arguing would drive me insane!!!

  9. Haha. This sounds like more cheesy 80's romance. You could make a Dynasty meme for these!

  10. I don't think I would enjoy these. I don't think I would like the arguing. Some, I could handle, but not 99%. I'm glad you found them fun, even if you found them "badly good". LOL :-)

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    1. They are not really the books you read to enjoy a good read. More like the books you read when you are home sick and just want a good laugh



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