Monday 3 October 2016

It happened one doomsday - Laurence MacNaughton

Magic is real. Only a handful of natural-born sorcerers can wield its arcane power against demons, foul creatures, and the forces of darkness. These protectors of the powerless are descendants of an elite order. The best magic-users in the world. 

Unfortunately, Dru isn’t one of them.

Sure, she’s got a smidge of magical potential. She can use crystals to see enchantments or brew up an occasional potion. And she can research practically anything in the library of dusty leather-bound tomes she keeps stacked in the back of her little store. There, sandwiched between a pawn shop and a 24-hour liquor mart, she sells enough crystals, incense, and magic charms to scrape by. But everything changes the day a handsome mechanic pulls up in a possessed black muscle car, his eyes glowing red.

Just being near Greyson raises Dru’s magical powers to dizzying heights. But he’s been cursed to transform into a demonic creature that could bring about the end of the world. 

Then she discovers that the Harbingers, seven fallen sorcerers, want to wipe the planet clean of humans and install themselves as new lords of an unfettered magical realm. And when they unearth the Apocalypse Scroll, the possibility of a fiery cosmic do-over suddenly becomes very real. 

There’s only one chance to break Greyson’s curse and save the world from a fiery Doomsday – and it’s about to fall into Dru’s magically inexperienced hands... 

My thoughts:
Magic is real, most do not know about it, like most UFs then. But this sure did not feel like most UFs, and I can't explain what made it so. It's so clear in my head, it is not like the UFs you might imagine right now. 

Dru is not kick-ass. Mythical past. She does have some magic and she sells crystals. Her boyfriend is a normal guy who knows nothing about magic. She is pretty normal herself.

The world is never them and us. It's our normal world, people do what they normally do.

But yes, then she meets Grayson, who has a demon inside him and the end of the world is coming. But still it is our world, and then they have their adventures.

I have no idea if I managed to explain it from how the "normal" Uf is.

There is a connection between these two, but yes she has a BF, so hmm, about that.

It was different but good. Still I do prefer those kick-ass ones ha


  • Paperback, 280 pages
  • Published July 12th 2016 by Pyr
  • A Dru Jasper Novel #1
  • UF
  • OWN


  1. Gotta be a prerequisite to have a kick ass heroine in UF!

  2. So I'm guessing a looming love triangle lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. Nope, she is with her bf here, but they have been drifting apart. Should dump his ass

  3. Lots of UFs start out slow and get better and better. Maybe this is the case fro this one.

  4. My reviewer (who gave it a B) called it "Contemporary Fantasy" rather than UF.

  5. it could be nice, don't think I knew about this one

  6. Yea, wasn't my fave, but wasn't bad either. I think I liked the car the best though. LOL

  7. oh this one definitely sounds different!!!

  8. Glad you had a good time, let's hope Dru will be more kick ass in the next one. I loved Rane though!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  9. Not gonna lie. I love the title. haha

  10. I do love a kick-ass heroine in my UF. Meg is an exception because she is special. LOL!

  11. Been feeling meh lately about this genre. :/



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