Monday 15 May 2017

Carole's Monday Review: Raging Madness - Jude Knight

Author: Jude Knight
Title: Raging Madness (Redepenning #2)
Genre: Historical Romance & Mystery
Pages: ebook
Published: May 2017
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion.)

Ella survived an abusive and philandering husband, in-laws who hate her, and public scorn. But she’s not sure she will survive love. It is too late to guard her heart from the man forced to pretend he has married such a disreputable widow, but at least she will not burden him with feelings he can never return. 

Alex understands his supposed wife never wishes to remarry. And if she had chosen to wed, it would not have been to him. He should have wooed her when he was whole, when he could have had her love, not her pity. But it is too late now. She looks at him and sees a broken man. Perhaps she will learn to bear him. 

In their masquerade of a marriage, Ella and Alex soon discover they are more well-matched than they expected. But then the couple’s blossoming trust is ripped apart by a malicious enemy. Two lost souls must together face the demons of their past to save their lives and give their love a future.

This is book 2 of the series. I did not read the first one (I had no idea there was a first one, oh well), but this did well as a stand-alone; I think the other book followed two other characters - not 100% sure though. 

But yes, this story follows Ella and Alex. The two of them have had lots of horrible stuff happen to them from the past and in their present. Ella comes to Alex for help and a part of Alex needed helping too. They had loved each other but never acted on it since Ella had been previously married to a scum-bag. But fate throws them a bone and they really have to work for it. It was not an easy road for them. Which I really do love that in a know they are going to end up together, but it is fun watching the journey and having that worry that they may not. 

There is LOTS of drama and a lot going on. Ella had the roughest time...yes, Alex had a rough patch too, but I feel Ella had a lot on her plate. There were a couple of times I did tear up for her. BUT a lot of it could have been avoided if THEY COMMUNICATED! GAH! *rips hair out of head* Just say what you mean and how you really feel. Gah! Yes, yes, if they did that then there would've never even been a second book. I get it, but still maddening. 


It did take me FOREVER to finally get into the book. I had a hard time the first 20 or so pages. Not that the beginning was slow, it just did not grip me right away. I also had an issue with the flow of the story during some parts. It just felt uneven and chunky. The rest of the book flowed well overall. Also, there were some unrealistic parts that had me sigh.

Besides for the first 20 pages, the flow in a couple spots, and a couple cheesy parts I really enjoyed this book. It was sad, but it was a beautiful story of two people going through so many trials and heartaches to finally be together. I do recommend reading this if you love a story about moving forward and finding happiness. Out of five stars, I shall stamp this with....4. 


  1. I really really dislike that cover. And not gonna lie, the sound of all the drama and all that miscommunication puts me off from reading it!

  2. No communication is the worst but this still sounds pretty good.

    For What It's Worth

  3. Hmmm the slow start and cheesy spots bother me a bit but still you gave it a four.....

    1. There was just something about it that kept me hooked. I'm not sure, so I rounded up from 3.5 to a 4. :)

  4. I find myself getting mad and yelling in my head when I read characters that have problems communicating. I just want to reach through the book pages and slap them. lol



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