Tuesday 19 March 2019


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March 19th: What personality traits do you love/hate in a character? (Courtesy of Roberta@ Offbeat YA)

Why am I always so bad at these?! I always read other answers and go all wow! Well said, well said

Also bloody hell. March 19th!?!?! When did that happen?

I do love a kick-ass woman, but that is a fine line. Let's take one kick-ass woman, who at the same time is beyond stupid and rush into things. Omg, please, kick-ass plus a brain.

Whiny characters, no please.

Characters who think they are awkward and ugly and still have 2 hot guys lusting after them

I like normal characters! No extremes. Nerdy, shy, funny, they can e whatever they want, but it also has to fit them. I hate when a character is great on paper, but still does things that goes against their own personality. Why make such a character? You can't say they are all that, and then have them act like a whiny, stupid brat.

To be honest, most personality traits that makes me go grrr I find in YA. They are always the ones that makes no sense. Authors want cool characters and forget to actually follow what they preach.

Oh oh alphaholes. Please, I get that you are dark, cool and tormented, but please, do not be an ahole too.

Just give me a wellwritten character that is what he or she is.


  1. I don't like jerks or whiny characters either.

  2. I don't like whiny characters either.

  3. I'm going to try to do this one tomorrow (a day late lol) and you've touched on one of my peeves - women running into things while complaining about being dragged into everything.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Haha, gods yes, there really are many pet peeves when I think of it

  4. You said it well. I was nodding right along with you especially the described one way-act another character and most definitely too extreme of any character trait.

    1. Thanks! I did think of some good ones for once

  5. Dumb characters who do dumb things. I simply cannot abide stupidity in my protagonists :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  6. Ooo the Bella Swanns *shudders*

  7. Agree with you on all points

  8. Kick ass with a brain is always a good thing.

  9. I agree. Give me a character who is real. Not too perfect, not too flawed. Someone I think I could meet anywhere.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart



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