Wednesday 8 July 2020

Audio: About a rogue by Caroline Linden

Narrated by: Beverley A. Crick
Series: Desperately Seeking Duke, Book 1
Length: 10 hrs and 23 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 06-30-20
Language: English
Publisher: HarperAudio
Historical romance
In exchange for an honest review

It did not take long to know where the drama and secrets would come from, and mostly I am all, what not speak up!? But, then it was explained and I understood, some secrets if told too soon will not be seen in the best light, even if to us they are nothing. So for once I had to agree with secret keeping.

Max is suddenly the heir to a Duke, but he is rake, and he needs to prove himself. In comes the Tate family and their pottery factory. There he can show that he is more than meets the eye. If he can only get the Tate daughter to marry him.

Ok so he kept a secret. Bianca despised him at once cos she saw him as a no good rogue that only wanted her for her money.

She argues, he is patient. He is falling, she thinks he is a scoundrel. He learns everything there is to know about their company. She looks at his well turned calves, wait what? Yes she is slowly melting by the sight of that.

I liked Max. He saw an opportunity. He had connections, they had money. And he liked her spirit. It was a fine dance they had

I liked the narrator. Good male and female voices. Good pace and I could easily fall into it 

Omg look! It fits so well!

Bianca Tate is horrified when her sister Cathy is obliged to accept an offer of marriage from Maximilian St. James, notorious rake. Defiantly she helps Cathy elope with her true love, and takes her sister's place at the altar.

It's not even the match that was made...

Perched on the lowest branch of his family tree, Max has relied on charm and cunning to survive. But an unexpected stroke of luck gives him an outside chance at a dukedom--and which Tate sister he weds hardly seems to matter.

But could it be the perfect match?

Married or not, Bianca is determined to protect her family's prosperous ceramics business, even when Max shows an affinity for it--not to mention a dangerous ability to intrigue and tempt Bianca herself. And when Max realizes how beautiful and intelligent and desirable Bianca is, he'll have to prove he's no rogue, but the passionately devoted husband she craves..


  1. I enjoyed the books I did read by her

  2. Nothing like well turned calves!!

  3. At first, I was like, oh no, another one of those romances where the drama is mostly caused by miscommunication and not speaking up? But then I read your thoughts on how the secret keeping was understandable. Now I'm intrigued...

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. We would not see it like that, but they would, so I was ok, yes, maybe some secrets are worth keeping even if it effs everything up later

  4. A rakish Duke? Count me in! This narrator does the Jeffries series with three dukes in one family. I enjoy her work.

    1. Damn it, I need that 3 dukes book! I keep forgetting. Ok will check goodreads at once again

  5. Yeah, I'm not a fan of secrets going on for much of the story, but it sounds like there was good reason here. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.



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