Tuesday 15 September 2020



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September 15th: What are some good reading habits that you have adopted?

Have I any at all? Lol, but really, do I have any good reading habits? And what is a good reading habit? I would consider being able to let go of a book a good reading habit. Even though it is hard, but only reading what you like should be the best habit of all


  1. that is an excellent reading habit!! One I'm getting better at this year.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. Oh - well said! I like that habit. *high five*

  3. I think just reading a lot is a good "reading habit" :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  4. Totally agree, but you get a lot of reading accomplished, that has to be a good habit too.

  5. Hmm...a reading habit? I guess I have a habit because if I go too many days without reading it seems to be all I can think about. Or maybe that's an addiction? ;)

  6. I'm still working on the letting go part and really need to do better about the saying no in the first place if I really not that interested.

  7. Karen
    You can do it!

    It is the best habit

    So true :D

    Exacty, any reading done is a good habit :D

    LOL, I totally get that

    Letting go is SO hard, so freaking hard



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