Thursday 24 December 2020

Top Ten Dukes because Dukes need love too

I got a comment about my Ten Things I hate about the Duke review, how they had misread it, and it got me thinking. I love Dukes, so why not make a top Ten!

I admit that it is hard, I can hardly remember all my Dukes, and some Dukes sadly do not have the word Duke in the title which makes it harder to find.


The Bastard you need to read about!

"He was so broken, so dark, so without conscience. A borderline sociopath. ..I loved him."

The war hero Duke

"But truthfully the best part is the world. Rich and just awesome. Zombies, nanos in the blood that control you and make you stronger, people with drills for arms, flying ships, seas that have krakens and other monsters. "

A stuffy proper Duke meets a young woman who is everything but

"I did have my moments where I thought about him as Mr Darcy, because he was all pride and stood above everything else."

A poor Duke, but he does own books!

Windham is always fun, and she has lots of Dukes to choose from.

A scarred Duke who hides from society. His last fiance left him cos she did not want to marry a beast. That byotch!

Girl in hideous dress meets Duke, Duke asks her to marry him, why not!

Asshole Duke meets the Queen of the Underworld.

Works better if you do not know what an evil asshole he was in previous books ;) Which I did not.

Duke gets kidnapped by his own mum and forced to pick a bride, and he chooses the serving girl.


Hilarious start. Will make you snort.

Super handsome Duke notices smart girl with boobs

"But hey do you know what I liked? They did it, and OMG, she DID NOT ENJOY IT! Hurrah! They tried again and she liked it but thank you Milan! A virgin who did not go all omg best smex ever! Instead they learned about each other bodies, talked to each other and understood how things work."

A proper Duke finds a woman in his bed

I did want to hit him several times, damn those Dukes

Novella:Heiress Alone by Sophie Jordan

Grumpy Duke meets woman in trouble cos there are bandits!

Introducing: Carole!

Carole will share her favorite Duke books as well! 


Avenge seeking Duke!

Must re-read this. It has been years. Our Duke here has returned from years abroad to avenge the murder of his mentor and he was so grumpy and mean to our girl to try and dissuade her. I wanted to kick him, but I did adore him in the end. 

A tragic, undercover Duke. 

Awwww I miss this series. I need to re-read it. I loved this Duke so much and I loved their journey to find love. He thinks his family is cursed if they fall in love so he tries to deny her. is impossible to run away from ;)

A rake of a Duke who is forced to take care of two young kids and deal with their hawt governess. 

The poor rake has to hang up his rake ways to take care of his two wards! I remember chuckling so much during this one because the two really had to become friends first before love. 

A Duke who will go to any length to uncover a killer even entering into a relationship with an infamous courtesan.

Another series I need to revisit one day!!! What a crazy relationship that is so unlikely...but I loved every moment of it. 

A secret Duke's son who is unsure he wants the title and unsure if he loves this American socialite!

Awwwwww a rough-around-the-edges Duke-to be and this American rich girl! This was such a cute one!

A vampire Duke who is hiding his vampire-ness. 

This Duke just wants to be left alone for his eternity as a vamp. But a delectable gal is trying to get herself ruined so she never has to marry. Dang mortals and their problems ;) Such a ridiculous story that I adored. 

A Duke with a dark past and who would rather be on the battlefield instead of the Season dance floor. 

Bless him for saving Megan from that scoundrel!! Dang rogues. 

Awww Blodeuedd picked this one too! So fun! 

But yessssss - how can you deny a Duke like this who notices the wallflower with big boobs. LOL 

A poor Duke marries a rich-ass American Heiress who will save him and his family. 

My my how the tables turn! Normally it is the rich man who saves the poor girl! This time around he relays on winning her to save him. Love took foreveeeeerrrrrrrrrrr but I jumped for joy when they finally realized their true feelings. He was an idiot and she was a spoiled brat, but it works. 

A mysterious and reclusive Duke who just wants to be alone.

The ton are stupid and cruel as per the Sally and her stoat wants to prove that this Duke is not what they think he is. They were adorable...especially her little furry pet.



  1. So this post is basically my fault 😂.

    1. Haha, yes I felt compelled, it had to be written!

  2. I do love a good Duke story! I haven't read any of these but hope to read The Duchess Deal and Milan is always good.

  3. Oh yes! Dukes need love, too. Love this top ten. Tessa Dare and Elizabeth Hoyt's are my favorites here. :)

  4. Wow, I guess you read a lot of "duke" romance books :)

    1. Last year I read like one with the Duke in the title, scandalous!

  5. OMG - I totally forgot about the Iron Duke. Now that is the best!! I love that series so much. And Carole - great call with A Duke by Default - such a great one.

    Thanks so much for this! I <3 Dukes!!

    1. Such a good oldie ;) It was ages ago in book years



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