Friday 9 April 2021

Audio: Love of a cowboy by Jennifer Ryan

 Narrated by: Coleen Marlo

Length: 9 hrs and 18 mins

Release date: 03-30-21

Publisher: HarperAudio

Contemporary romance

To review

Cowboy time! Omg the crime, grrrrrrr, it makes me so made when someone is wrongfully accused.

Skye watches a crime and flees for her life, and taking evidence with her to bring down this asshole leader. Yes yes Skye, it is not a cult (it so feels like a cult!) And the place is left just gets worse and worse, it used to be a commune where people farmed and were happy. Then it turned into parties, sex, alcohol and young girls and older men. And no one dares to say no. Ok so that place is horrid.

She runs into Declan while fleeing, and Declan is this handsome kind cowboy and he is smitten at once, and wants to protect her. Awww Declan, you are so kind.

But now she needs to take the asshole leader of her non-cult down, but he has framed her. Action, danger and romance. Sure they fall fast, but hey life is short. It works.

Again, it a really long epilogue. Strange, but it ties things together.

I enjoyed it, brings those assholes down! No mercy

Great narrator, she does female and male narrators well. She keeps a steady pace and makes the story work . I do think this might be my first by her too

Skye Kennedy has always loved the close-knit community of Sunrise Fellowship — but when she witnesses the commune’s new leader commit a terrible crime, she flees...and finds herself in Montana, on the McGrath ranch, and drawn to the stoic yet kind man determined to help her.

Declan McGrath has always handled things himself and focused more on work than his love life. With his newlywed brothers distracted by their beautiful wives, Declan has even more work on his hands. But when Skye arrives at the ranch starving and desperate for work, his loner days are over.

Skye wants to keep her distance and protect Declan from the deadly threats facing her, but soon their relationship morphs into something much more than either of them expected. When she fights back against those out to destroy Sunrise Fellowship, Skye and Declan will have to do everything to protect not just Skye's community, but also their new love.... 


  1. It's a minute since I've read a Jennifer Ryan book but you've made me realize I need to get back into her books. Great review!

    Simply Angela

    1. Thanks :) They do have lots of suspense in them :D

  2. LOL reading the synopsis, it does sound like a cult to me too!

  3. "Sure they fall fast, but hey life is short." I LOVE THIS SO FRICKIN MUCH.

  4. This sounds good! I always like it when the bad guys are taken down.

  5. Ooooh Cowboy time! Action, danger and romance sound good. Glad you enjoyed this one.

  6. Bringing down the bad guys is always good.

  7. No mercy lol they sound like assholes

  8. I liked the last installment of this series by audio. I'd like to listen to this one, too. I remember enjoying the narrator as well. :)

  9. It looks nice. it's been a while sine I haven't read a cowboy story

  10. Hmmmm... Just sounds weird. But I completely agree with you - I get stressed when the innocent person gets blamed.

    1. I get that it is good drama, but it makes me maaaad



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