Friday 2 July 2021

Skumtimmen by Johan Theorin (Echoes from the dead)

In English: Echoes from the dead

Series: The Öland Quartet (#1)

407 pages, Paperback

Published: January 1, 2008 by Månpocket

Crime thriller mystery

I can't remember the last time I read a book in Swedish, it was weird. But I would never read a translation when I can read the real thing so off I went.

Was it awesome? No, but it had me so curious that I had to read more.  So yes a good book for sure.

It is a about a missing child, and decades later there is a shoe in the mail. Whaaat? Who sent it? The grandfather, in his old age, tries to investigate. The mother comes and what I liked here is that her story was more about letting go and not holding her grief as a way to shut away the world.

A body that was never found. A story about someone sinister who used to live nearby. What happened?

Oh it had me guessing until the end. I do like that. So for that I quite enjoyed it

Can you ever come to terms with a missing child?' Julia Davidsson has not. Her five-year-old son disappeared twenty years previously on the Swedish island of Oland. No trace of him has ever been found.

Until his shoe arrives in the post. It has been sent to Julia's father, a retired sea-captain still living on the island. Soon he and Julia are piecing together fragments of the past: fragments that point inexorably to a local man called Nils Kant, known to delight in the pain of others. But Nils Kant died during the 1960s. So who is the stranger seen wandering across the fields as darkness falls?

It soon becomes clear that someone wants to stop Julia's search for the truth. And that he's much, much closer than she thinks…


  1. Glad you enjoyed the book. It's definitely not for me. I'd have nightmares!

  2. I like Swedish books too but unlike you it must be translated for me :)

    1. Who knows, maybe they are better translated

  3. This sounds like a good mystery!



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